Topical Index

Complimentary, spouses performing sufficient volunteer hours: SB 5205
Complimentary, veterans with service-connected 100% disability: SB 5137
Family discover pass, purchase availability deadline for: HB 1826
Off-road vehicles, exempting from discover pass requirements, when: HB 2740, SB 5627
Purchasing of passes, when registering motor vehicle, licensing entities to encourage: HB 2937
Recreation sites or lands, access with one discover pass or vehicle access pass for two vehicles: HB 1826
Recreation sites or lands, individual and family passes, modifying provisions: SHB 1826
Recreation sites or lands, penalty amounts for pass/permit violations, disposition of: HB 2529, SB 6297, SSB 6297, 2SSB 6297
Recreation sites or lands, persons with disabilities, access without discover pass, when: HB 1741, SHB 1741
Rental or shared car, pass use with, and role of rental and sharing companies: SB 6140
Rock collecting, pass endorsement for: HB 1271