Topical Index

Adults with developmental disabilities, grant program for training health professionals to work with: HB 1367, SB 5642
Assessments, annual, of individuals and facilities, standards for: SB 6564
Assessments, annual, of individuals, requirements: SSB 6564
Autism and developmental delays, screening for, requirements: HB 1365, SB 5317, * SSB 5317, CH 8 (2015)
Autism, individuals with, honoring: * SR 8656 (2015)
Center-based services, defining: HB 2767, SHB 2767
Community access and employment services, client hours and employment exception: HB 2790
Community access and employment services, employment exception: SHB 2790
Community access programs, home care agency or individual provider, client option pilot program: HB 1909, SB 5790
Dan Thompson memorial developmental disabilities community trust account, modifying deposits into: HB 2661, SHB 2661, SB 6483, SSB 6483
Developmental disabilities professional, physician assistants as, when: * SSB 6445, CH 155 (2016)
Down syndrome, diagnosis by various providers, resource information requirements: * HB 2403, CH 70 (2016), SB 6613
Down syndrome, individuals with, honoring: * SR 8657 (2015)
Emergencies, alerting first responders when person with developmental disability at residence, procedures: SB 6465
Emergencies, alerting first responders when person with developmental disability at scene: HB 2287, SHB 2287
Emergencies, person with developmental disability at scene, 911 personnel and first responders training program: SHB 2287
Fatality reviews, vulnerable adult, to include persons with developmental disabilities: * E2SSB 6564, CH 172 (2016)
Hiring individuals with developmental disabilities, B&O tax credit for employers: HB 1828
Housing and behavioral health services and facilities, county local option sales and use tax funding: HB 2263, * ESHB 2263, CH 24 (2015)
Housing, persons with developmental disabilities, when owned or leased by nonprofit, modifying property tax exemption: HB 2193
Luring of person with developmental disability, adding intent to harm or to facilitate commission of crime: SB 6463, * SSB 6463, CH 11 (2016)
Near fatality or fatality, creating review system for, requirements: SSB 6564
Near fatality review system, creating, long-term care ombuds program office role: SB 6564
Northwest Center, fifty years of service, recognizing: * SR 8687 (2015)
Ombuds, developmental disabilities, office of, creating: HB 2858, SSB 6564, * E2SSB 6564, CH 172 (2016)
Parent to parent program, goals, activities, funding, and administration of: * HB 2394, CH 92 (2016), SB 6329, * SSB 6329 (2016) V
Personal care services, from family member, consumer-directed medicaid program for: SB 6662, SSB 6662
Personal needs allowance, medicaid services, increasing for developmental disabilities services: SB 6555, SSB 6555
Prevocational services, optional participation, authority and DSHS rule making for: HB 2213
Providers, residential services and support, enforcement standards: * HB 1307, CH 39 (2015), SB 5674
Raffles, enhanced, by organizations for persons with intellectual disabilities: SB 6449, * SSB 6449, CH 116 (2016)
Residential habilitation centers, high priority violations at, identification and referral procedures: SHB 2221
Residential habilitation centers, proceeds, deposit in developmental disabilities community trust account: HB 2661, SHB 2661, SB 6483, SSB 6483
Residential habilitation centers, provisions: HB 1366, HB 2860, SB 5243, SSB 5243, E2SSB 5243
Sheltered workshop or certain nonprofits, person with disability with, to be "employee" for minimum wage act: SB 6133
Silver alert plan for missing endangered persons: SB 5264
Special education, innovation project, OFM to contract with statewide organization: HB 1947, SHB 1947
Special education, special education administration, training for leaders in: SB 5905
Special education, special education state advisory council, establishing: SB 5905
Tessier, Cherie, advocate for persons with developmental disabilities and special needs, honoring her life and work: * SR 8705 (2016)
Visitation requirements, for clients at highest risk of abuse or neglect: SSB 6564, * E2SSB 6564, CH 172 (2016)