Topical Index

               (See also ADMINISTRATIVE PROCEDURE)
Affordable housing land bank, creating within department: HB 2049, SHB 2049
Agricultural labor skills and safety grant program, creating, department role: HB 1127, * SHB 1127, CH 68 (2015), SB 5019, SSB 5019
Asset building coalitions, grant program to enhance funding for, establishing in department: ESSB 5899
Buildings' energy use, energy benchmarking program provisions, department role: SHB 1278, 2SHB 1278
Business assistance materials, department to develop: SB 6221, SB 6669, SSB 6669
Carbon pollution market and competitiveness certificate programs, creating, department role: HB 1314, SHB 1314, SB 5283, SB 6121
Child abuse or neglect, including sexual assault, children's advocacy centers for victims, department role: HB 1717, SB 5865
Clean energy education program, developing and establishing, department role: ESSB 5113
Coal-fired electric generation facilities, retirement of, department to study: ESB 5874
Crime victims advocacy, office of, crime victim certification steering committee, office to convene: SHB 2895, HB 2912
Crime victims advocacy, office of, studying sexual assault nurse examiners availability: * SHB 2711, CH 50 (2016)
Crime victims advocacy, office of, to be state government contact for trafficking of persons, duties: SB 5884, * ESSB 5884, CH 273 (2015)
Critical areas, designation of local, selective review of department use of certain guidelines, when: HB 1816
Developmental disabilities ombuds, office of, creating in department: HB 2858
Developmental disabilities ombuds, office of, role of department: SSB 6564, * E2SSB 6564, CH 172 (2016)
Disabilities, persons with, achieving a better life experience program, creating, department role: HB 2063, SHB 2063, HB 2323, * ESHB 2323, CH 39 (2016), SB 6043, SB 6210, SSB 6210
Economic gardening pilot project, creating within department: * ESB 6100, CH 212 (2016)
Electric utilities, fuel mix calculation and reporting information for customers, requirements, department role: SSB 6533
Electric utilities, fuel mix disclosure reports to department, repealing: HB 2827
Energy freedom program, repealing obsolete provisions from chapter 43.325 RCW: HB 2943, SHB 2943
Energy strategy, state, establishing state energy strategy council to develop strategy document: SHB 2826
Energy strategy, state, state energy office preparation of, repealing: HB 2826
Energy strategy, state, to include carbon sequestration: SB 6225
Federal funding opportunities, tracking and maximizing in Washington, department role: * SB 6220, CH 12 (2016) V
Financial fraud and identity theft crimes investigation and prosecution program: * HB 1090, CH 65 (2015), SB 5058
Growth management grant funds, administered by department, review and evaluation prerequisites: SB 5604, SSB 5604
Historic building rehabilitation financing program, to provide loans, department role: HB 2689
Homeless client management information system (HMIS), personally identifying information in, department role: HB 2135, SB 5898, SSB 5898
Homeless housing strategic plan, modifying requirements, department role: SB 6671, SSB 6671
Homeless students, housing grant program to aid, department role: HB 1682, SHB 1682, E2SHB 1682, * 3SHB 1682, CH 157 (2016), SB 5065, SSB 5065
Homelessness in Washington, causes and characteristics, statewide study of, department role: SB 6671, SSB 6671
Host home programs, department report concerning: * SHB 2440, CH 166 (2016), SB 6249, SSB 6249
Housing assistance program, funds for certain projects to aid low-income students: * EHB 1633, CH 155 (2015), SB 5578
Housing assistance program, funds for promoting homeownership for low-income households: SB 5655, SSB 5655
Housing, department of, creation of and transfer of department housing duties to: SB 6518, SSB 6518
Housing, low-income weatherization program, weatherization plus health initiative: * HB 1720, CH 50 (2015)
Impact fees, for single-family residential construction permits, deferred collection, department report on system for: * ESB 5923, CH 241 (2015)
Law enforcement and pretrial grant programs, establishing: SSB 5755, 2SSB 5755, SB 6143
Law enforcement grant program, establishment by department: SHB 1885, 2SHB 1885, HB 2270, SHB 2270, SB 6641
Library access in Washington, department to study: HB 2532, SHB 2532
Manufactured homes, sale, financing, and consumer protections, department to study: HB 2954
Manufactured/mobile home communities, when sold, notices of opportunity to purchase, department role: HB 2799, SHB 2799, 2SHB 2799
Manufacturing partnerships and development, department role: SB 6078
Middle schools and junior high schools, afterschool learning labs pilot project, department role: HB 2690, SB 6368
Nuclear energy, small modular reactors, manufacturing in state: ESSB 5113
Nuclear energy, small modular reactors, siting and manufacturing in state: SB 5113
Ombuds for employers interacting with L&I, creating within department: SB 6081, SSB 6081
Pacific Northwest manufacturing partnership advisory committee, department to appoint: SB 6078
Pretrial grant program, establishment by department: SB 6641
Public water systems, financial assistance activities, transferring department role: HB 1464, * 2ESB 5251, CH 111 (2016)
Regulatory innovation and assistance, office for, creating, department role: SB 6669, SSB 6669
Residential energy efficiency incentive pilot program, department role: HB 1843, SHB 1843, 2SHB 1843, SB 6276
Saint Edward state park, seminary building public or nonprofit use feasibility study: * E2SHB 2667, CH 103 (2016)
Sexual assault, sexual assault kit program, creating within department: HB 2530, SHB 2530, * 2SHB 2530, CH 173 (2016), SB 6484
Small business retirement marketplace, role of department: HB 2109, SHB 2109, SB 5826, * ESSB 5826, CH 296 (2015)
Space exploration center of excellence, Washington state, department role: HB 2434, SHB 2434
Transitional housing operating and rent program, provisions: HB 1019
Washington academic, innovation, and mentoring (AIM) program act, department role: SB 5303, SSB 5303
Women helping women grant program, establishing, department role: HB 2713
Youth, office of homeless youth prevention and protection programs, creating under department supervision: * 2SSB 5404, CH 69 (2015)
Youth, office of homeless youth prevention programs, creating under department supervision: SSB 5404
Youth, office of homeless youth programs, creating under department supervision: HB 1436, SHB 1436, 2SHB 1436, SB 5404