Topical Index

AgForestry Foundation president Dave Roseleip, congratulating: * SR 8667 (2015)
Agriculture industry, port operations for, requesting assistance to minimize negative impacts: HJM 4005
Aircraft, agricultural, as "qualifying farm machinery" for sales tax exemption purposes: HB 2572
Apple industry, celebrating apple blossom festival and honoring apple blossom festival court: * SR 8646 (2015), * SR 8728 (2016)
Bees and beekeepers, tax preferences: SB 5017, * ESSB 6057, CH 6 (2015)
Bees, honey, replacing pollen-rich noxious weeds with forage plants, pilot project: HB 1654, SHB 1654, 2SHB 1654, * EHB 2478, CH 44 (2016)
Benitz, Max, former representative and senator, recognizing for agricultural achievements: * SR 8697 (2016)
Berry growing operations, commercial, outdoor burning of pruning waste: SB 6178
Biosolids and sludge, approved beneficial food and fertilizer uses, for-sale labeling requirements: HB 2386
Cesar Chavez day, recognizing March thirty-first as: HB 1560, SB 5565
Chickens, highly pathogenic avian influenza, outbreak response preemptive plan development: HB 2273
Commodities, vehicle weight limits when carrying: HB 2611, SB 6265, SSB 6265
Crop protection products, hazardous substance tax exemption, when: HB 1220, SB 5209, SSB 5209, * ESSB 6057, CH 6 (2015)
Daffodils, recognizing the daffodil festival: * HR 4632 (2015), * HR 4678 (2016), * SR 8645 (2015), * SR 8730 (2016)
Dairy purpose of use water rights, modifying "municipal water supply purposes" to include: HB 2788, SB 6215, ESSB 6215
Dairy workers, Washington's, honoring: * SR 8694 (2016)
Fairs, acknowledging the high value of fairs and fairgrounds: * HR 4606 (2015), * SR 8606 (2015)
Fairs, nonprofit fair associations, property tax exemption extension: SB 5706
Fairs, nonprofit fair associations, rented property owned by, taxation of: SB 5708, SSB 5708, 2SSB 5708, * ESSB 6057, CH 6 (2015)
Fairs, Walla Walla Frontier Days, 150th anniversary of, recognizing: * HR 4679 (2016)
Food policy forum, Washington, establishing: HB 1685, ESHB 1685
Food safety and animal health program, certain fee increases: HB 2128, * ESHB 2128, CH 27 (2015)
Food system, state, study of, to include goal for expansion of capacity: ESHB 1685
Food, economic development of local system, studying: HB 1710, SHB 1710
Hemp, as commercial animal feed component, study of: * HB 1268, CH 106 (2015)
Hemp, industrial production of: HB 1552, SHB 1552, SB 5012, SSB 5012, SB 6206
Hemp, industrial production of, including research program: * ESSB 6206, CH 11 (2016) V
Human sewage, food and food products grown in, labeling requirements: HB 1985
Interference with agricultural production, crime of: HB 1104
Irrigation and agricultural irrigation, modifying "municipal water supply purposes" to include: HB 2788, SB 6215, ESSB 6215
Labor, agricultural labor skills and safety grant program, creating: HB 1127, * SHB 1127, CH 68 (2015), SB 5019, SSB 5019
Lands, agricultural, agricultural activity discharges from, violation reported by named third party, notice of: SB 6551
Lands, agricultural, canine kenneling and equine boarding on land zoned as: HB 2735
Lands, agricultural, innovative zoning of, target-shooting facilities: HB 2814
Lands, agricultural, river and sediment management demonstration projects for protecting: SB 5347, ESSB 5347
Lands, designated agricultural areas, no minimum acreage requirements for: HB 2420
Lands, long-term commercial significance, local or state agency-owned, use: SB 5013
Lands, qualifying as agricultural, conversion to wetlands or fish habitat or allowing tidal inundation, prohibiting: HB 1629, HB 1630
Lands, qualifying as agricultural, prohibiting conversion from agriculture activities: HB 1214, HB 1215, HB 1216, SB 5168, SB 5169, SB 5170
Meat facilities, custom, annual custom meat license for: HB 1522
Poultry, highly pathogenic avian influenza, outbreak response preemptive plan development: HB 2273
Producers and regulatory staff, forums for: SB 5060
Research and innovations, agricultural, life sciences discovery fund authority mission to include: HB 1670
Seed sales, mandatory nonbinding arbitration provisions, repealing: HB 2635, SB 6344
Seed, procurement by state agencies, identity and purity of: SB 5972, SSB 5972
Seeds, marijuana, seed and plant sales to retailers with medical endorsement: HB 2696
Seeds, native and reclamation, testing requirements: SB 5273
Tulips, Skagit Valley tulip festival, celebrating: * HR 4620 (2015), * SR 8638 (2015)
Wildlife damage to crops, compensation claim damage assessor costs, DFW responsibility: SB 6450
Wildlife damage to crops, compensation claims, prohibiting DFW management actions until paid: SB 5712
Wildlife damage to crops, permitting public hunting as preventive measure, prohibiting DFW from requiring: HB 2870