Topical Index

Assumptions of certain water-sewer districts by a city or town, requiring voter approval: HB 2413, SB 6008, ESSB 6008
Connection charge, deposit in account for existing facility expansion and new facilities: SB 5192
Contractor's bond, district authority to determine, limitations: HB 1241, * SB 5186, CH 28 (2013)
Critical infrastructure, powers with respect to facilities: HB 1239, SHB 1239, SB 5185
Funds, disbursement by districts, expanding options for: HB 2170, SB 5987
Job order contracting, use by certain districts, authorization: HB 1240, SB 5309
Materials and work, competitive bidding process, raising dollar threshold for use of: HB 2682, SB 6326
Mosquito control, inhibiting mosquito breeding in storm water retention ponds through certain measures: * ESSB 5324, CH 209 (2013)
Mosquitos, controlling using integrated pest management: SB 5324, * ESSB 5324, CH 209 (2013)
Sewer and water mains and manholes, GIS data for, exemption from public inspection and copying: HB 2403