Topical Index

Applications, changes in place or purpose of use or point of diversion, decision to be based on existing requirements: HB 1438, SB 5199
Applications, changes in water right certificates to reflect certain changes in water right uses: SHB 1438, SSB 5199, E2SSB 5199
Applications, consolidating water of multiple water rights or permits, conditions and department of ecology role: HB 1549, SB 5462
Applications, moving withdrawal point to another existing right, conditions and department of ecology role: HB 1548, SB 5463
Columbia river basin taxable bond water supply development account, transferring certain bond proceeds to: HB 1088, SHB 1088, SB 5036, * ESSB 5036, CH 20 (2013)
Developments, groundwater for, consolidation into public water systems in some cases: HB 1375, SHB 1375, SB 5200, ESSB 5200
Examiners, certified, amending bonding requirement for certification: * HB 1146, CH 70 (2013)
Local economy trust water account, transferring state agency water rights to account: SB 5219, SSB 5219, E2SSB 5219
Methow watershed, authorization and implementation of water management board in, provisions: SB 5677
Public water systems, consolidation into system of new exempt groundwater withdrawal for new development: HB 1375, SHB 1375, SB 5200, ESSB 5200
Relinquishment of water rights, extending beneficial use time period: SB 5071
Skagit river basin, established groundwater uses, preserving from interruption: SB 6467, SSB 6467
State agency purchased lands, retaining water rights for later transfer to local economy trust water account: SB 5219, SSB 5219, E2SSB 5219
Washington water research center, role in implementation of Yakima river basin integrated water resource management plan: * 2SSB 5367, CH 11 (2013)
Water banking best practices act: HB 2760, SB 6533
Water banks, imposition of sales and use taxes by rural counties for water rights purchases for banking: HB 2596, SB 6239
Water banks, limited purpose local water banks, creation: HB 1350, SHB 1350
Watershed planning grants, modifying provisions: HB 1924
Yakima river basin, integrated water resource management plan, implementing plan and creating accounts: HB 1196, HB 1414, SHB 1414, SB 5367, SSB 5367, * 2SSB 5367, CH 11 (2013)
Yakima river basin, purchase of land for community forest trust to help protect basin: * 2SSB 5367, CH 11 (2013)