Topical Index

               (See also STORM WATER CONTROL FACILITIES)
Agricultural land, pollution violation due to livestock, adding determination and voluntary compliance to penalty process: HB 2478
Highly impacted communities, including community organizations in permit issuance and clean-up plan adoption: HB 1434
Highly impacted communities, permit violation enforcement actions, settlement provisions: HB 2312, SHB 2312, SB 6417
Pollutant discharge elimination permit system applications and reports, electronic filing: SB 5407
Storm water, competitive grant program to reduce pollution, using environmental legacy stewardship account moneys: * HB 2079, CH 28 (2013)
Storm water, compliance pilot project: HB 1237, SB 5435
Storm water, contamination by transportation infrastructure, use of certain tax revenues for prevention and mitigation: HB 1954
Storm water, financial assistance for management of runoff, prioritizing: HB 1235, SB 5441
Storm water, new requirements for phase I jurisdictions, delaying: HB 1234, SB 5326
Storm water, permit compliance activities, use of certain funds by department of transportation for: SB 6099
Storm water, replacing infrastructure, encouraging low-cost alternatives to traditional construction techniques through public works assistance: SB 5313
Storm water, storm water bonds, authorization: HB 2357, SHB 2357
Transportation projects, environmental review and permitting, prohibiting adoption or maintaining of requirements by certain agencies when more stringent: HB 1996
Wastewater, domestic facility permits, modifying annual municipality fee: HB 1275, SB 5788
Wastewater, publicly owned industrial wastewater treatment facilities, authorizing water pollution control facility loans for: HB 1557
Water pollution control revolving administration account, creation of account and establishment of loan debt service charges to be deposited: HB 1141, * SHB 1141, CH 96 (2013)
Water supply and integrated water management, flood control, and storm water projects, financing options for, joint legislative task force on, establishing: SSB 6516
Water supply, flood control, and storm water projects, financing options for, joint legislative task force on, establishing: SB 6516