Topical Index

               (See also TRAFFIC SAFETY EDUCATION)
Bicycles, electric-assisted, removing and modifying certain helmet use requirements: HB 1246
Bicycles, vehicles overtaking and passing bicyclists, maintaining safe distance: HB 1743, SB 5564
Biking and walking, safe routes to school program, funding for: SB 5506
Clearance, load height and width, requirements for special permits and structures over public highways: SB 5944
Collision reports by officers, information contained in reports as compiled and analyzed by state patrol, public disclosure: SB 5847
Community trip reduction plans, creation and implementation by cities and counties: HB 2688
Commute trip reduction programs, including motorcycles: * SB 5142, CH 26 (2013)
Commute trip reduction tax credit, modifying provisions: HB 2687
Commute trip reduction, tax credit, extending expiration date for: HB 1974, HB 2687
Congestion relief and freight mobility improvement, revising transportation system "mobility" policy goal to include: HB 2123, SB 6100
Congestion relief and vehicle travel time improvement, including in state transportation system policy goals: HB 1921
Golf cart zones, city and county authority to regulate: HB 2219
Headlights, visibility threshold for required display: HB 2256, SB 6406
High occupancy vehicle lanes, convening expert review panel for SR 520 bridge replacement and HOV project: ESHB 1957, HB 2070, SB 6051
High occupancy vehicle lanes, including motorcycles: * SB 5142, CH 26 (2013)
High occupancy vehicle lanes, state route number 167, extending high occupancy toll lanes to Pierce county and removing certain pilot project provisions: HB 1745, SHB 1745
Limited access facilities, including motorcycles: * SB 5142, CH 26 (2013)
Motorcycle road guard certificate, department of licensing to create and issue: HB 2494, SB 6256
Motorcycle safety and awareness month, recognizing: * SR 8671 (2014)
Motorcycles, helmets, limiting mandatory use to persons under age eighteen: SB 5143
Motorcycles, helmets, modifying reference to manufacturing standards in definition: HB 2495, SB 6255, SB 6432
Motorcycles, helmets, removing certain requirements: HB 1246
Motorcycles, including in various commute trip reduction, high occupancy vehicle lane, and limited access facility arrangements: * SB 5142, CH 26 (2013)
Motorcycles, overtaking and passing pedestrians and bicyclists in the same lane, allowing: SB 5263, * SSB 5263, CH 139 (2013)
Motorcycles, stopping and proceeding through red light, allowing under certain conditions: HB 1238, SHB 1238, * SB 5141, CH 167 (2014)
Motorcyclists, illegal profiling of, ending: SB 6432
Overtaking and passing bicyclists and pedestrians, vehicles to maintain safe distance: HB 1743, SB 5564
Pedestrians, persons with disabilities in wheelchairs, using adjacent roadway when sidewalk not accessible: HB 2599, SB 6504
Pedestrians, vehicles overtaking and passing, maintaining safe distance: HB 1743, SB 5564
Primitive roads, actions for damages arising from vehicular traffic on, removing certain factors from consideration in: * SB 6219, CH 205 (2014)
Safe routes to school program, funding with federal transportation funds and highway safety fund moneys: SB 5506
School speed zone, installation and maintenance of sign indicating end of: HB 1698, SHB 1698
Signage, traffic and way-finding, adding to "public facilities" for tax revenue-use purposes: HB 2297
Speed limits, nonarterial highways, city or town establishment of maximum limit: * HB 1045, CH 264 (2013), SB 5066
Studded tires, use of, issuance of permit and payment of annual permit fee to be used for highway preservation: SB 5583
Tow truck operators, handling unmarked government vehicles, legal jeopardy in cases of, prohibiting: HB 2528
Tow truck operators, impound requirements and disclosure of charges and fees: HB 1625
Tow truck operators, placing limits on private impound rates in connection with state patrol-originated calls: * ESHB 1625, CH 37 (2013)
Tow truck operators, publicly owned vehicles, process for redemption: SHB 2528
Tow trucks, flatbed, allowing passengers in vehicle on deck: * SB 5050, CH 155 (2013)
Traffic impacts, mitigation fees imposed under SEPA for, limiting city authority to impose in certain cases: HB 2161, SB 6263
Traffic safety cameras, authorizing use at intersections of more than two arterials: HB 1670, SB 5678
Traffic safety cameras, availability of records, photographs, and electronic images: HB 1047, SHB 1047, SB 5374
Traffic safety cameras, eliminating use by repealing statutes: HB 1455
Traffic safety cameras, use on school buses, funding school bus safety programs with revenues from infractions detected by cameras: SB 5743
Traffic safety cameras, use outside school zones, requiring local authority participation in pilot program: HB 2426
Transportation demand management programs and community trip reduction plans, establishment by cities and counties: HB 2688
Vehicle accident reports, information contained in, confidentiality: SB 5847
Vehicle prowling, second degree, class C felony in certain cases: HB 1305, SHB 1305, * ESB 5053, CH 267 (2013)
Walking and biking, safe routes to school program, funding for: SB 5506