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               (See also TAX APPEALS, BOARD; TAXES - PROPERTY TAX)
Budget documents, requiring state tax expenditure report by governor: SB 5040, SB 5938
Capital gains tax, authorizing: HB 2087
Capital gains tax, implementing to help fund educational programs: SB 5738
County ferry districts, transfer of taxing authority to county, conditions and process: HB 1324, SHB 1324, HB 2182, SB 5096
Earned income tax credit, federal, repealing state remittance for persons eligible for: SB 5749
Flood control zone districts, taxing authority, transfer to county, conditions and process: HB 1324, SB 5096
Forecasts, economic and revenue, shifting to same date during both long and short legislative sessions: HB 2062, SB 5910
Fraternal benefit societies, exemption from taxation: SB 5041
Health security trust, employers to pay health security assessment to fund trust: HB 1085, SB 5224
Health security trust, use of revenues for health care services and maintenance of trust: HB 1085, SB 5224
High capacity transportation corridor areas, repealing provisions authorizing creation of areas and granting bond issuance authority: SB 5088
High capacity transportation corridor areas, transit agencies eligible to create, limiting: SSB 5088
High capacity transportation systems, tax revenue increases, placing before eligible voters: SB 5088
Income tax, constitutional amendment to allow: SJR 8207
Income tax, establishing, including multiple excise tax credits: SB 5166, SB 5900, SB 6230
Information related to certain taxes, exempting from public inspection and copying: HB 1833
Insurance premium tax credit, under insurance guaranty association act, repealing: SB 5168
Legislation, prohibiting taxing of net or earned income: SJR 8202
Legislation, tax increases, two-thirds majority for approval: HJR 4201, HJR 4206, HR 4629, SJR 8200, SJR 8204, SSJR 8204, SJR 8205, SJR 8213
Marijuana, recreational use industry, delaying use of tax preferences by: HB 2409, * SB 6505, CH 140 (2014)
Ocean marine and foreign trade insurance contracts, eliminating tax exemption: SB 5041
Petroleum businesses, imposing privilege tax: SB 5756
Preferences, creating, expanding, or extending various: * ESSB 5882, CH 13 (2013)
Preferences, eliminating or modifying various preferences: SB 5041
Preferences, fiscal accountability and transparency standards: HB 2201, SHB 2201, HB 2721, SB 6477
Preferences, legislative intent, review, and expiration provisions: ESB 5843
Preferences, tax preference performance statement, review, and expiration provisions: * ESSB 5882, CH 13 (2013)
Preferences, tax transparency and accountability act: HB 2721, SB 6477
Preferences, various, delaying use by recreational marijuana industry: HB 2409, * SB 6505, CH 140 (2014)
Privilege tax on petroleum businesses, imposing: SB 5756
Ride-sharing programs, clarifying certain tax preference statutes: SB 6333, * SSB 6333, CH 97 (2014)
Statute clarifications, simplifications, and technical corrections, various: SB 6333, * SSB 6333, CH 97 (2014)
Tax appeals, board, replacement by newly created tax tribunal: SB 6176
Tax appeals, joint task force on the reform of the tax appeals process, creating: SSB 6175
Tax tribunal, creation as state agency to replace board of tax appeals: SB 6176
Taxpayer savings account, creation for voluntary contributions to state government: SB 5091