Topical Index

Bags, plastic shopping bags supplied by retailer at time of sale, excise tax: SB 5248
Bags, retail carryout, preemption of regulation by state of Washington: SB 5253
Bags, retail carryout, prohibiting stores from providing unless compostable plastic, recyclable paper, or reusable: SB 5253
Bags, retail carryout, regulation by cities and counties: HB 1310, SB 5386
Batteries, small rechargeable battery stewardship: ESHB 1364
Batteries, small rechargeable battery stewardship act: HB 1364, SB 5457
Biosolids, exceptional quality, excluding from definition of turf fertilizer: HB 1314, SHB 1314, SB 5322
Bottles, petroleum-based beverage, prohibiting manufacture, sale, or distribution: SB 5250
Collection companies, certain commercial information, exemption from disclosure: HB 1697, SHB 1697
Collection companies, certain taxes and fees imposed or increased, considering as normal operating expenses: SB 6577
Collection companies, utilities and transportation commission to include certain taxes and fees imposed in base for collection rates: ESHB 1954, SB 5920
Combustion of solid waste, electricity from certain facilities for: SB 6028, SSB 6028
Compostable waste, collected, modifying city and county responsibility for storage and processing of: HB 2072
Electronic products recycling program, excluding licensors from required participation: HB 1507
Electronic products recycling program, improving waste collection reporting: HB 1498, * SHB 1498, CH 292 (2013)
Electronic products recycling program, revising provisions: * ESB 5699, CH 305 (2013)
Food and yard waste collection, space for containers for new residential occupancies: HB 2481, SHB 2481
Highly impacted communities, including community organizations in permit issuance and clean-up plan adoption: HB 1434
Litter and potentially dangerous litter, abatement of nuisance, city and town authority: SB 5323
Littering, general, adding penalty to penalty for littering from motor vehicle: HB 2294
Management of solid waste, amending certain department of ecology statutes: HB 2439, ESHB 2439
Manure, anaerobic digesters, apprentice utilization requirement for tax exemptions: HB 1023, SHB 1023, SB 5393
Manure, anaerobic digesters, prevailing wage requirement for tax exemptions: HB 1025, SHB 1025, SB 5395
Manure, anaerobic digesters, resident workers requirement for tax exemptions: HB 1026, SB 5394
Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), state purchasing preference for products not containing: SB 6086, * SSB 6086, CH 135 (2014)
Polystyrene products, prohibiting use by food service businesses of certain products, including clamshell containers and polystyrene foam: SB 5252
Reduction and management of solid waste, various programs, modifying to create administrative flexibility: HB 1206, HB 1948, SHB 1948, HB 1952
Reduction of waste and litter, supporting reduction, recycling, and composting efforts using tax revenues: HB 1309, SHB 1309, SB 5357, SSB 5357