Topical Index

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Cultural access programs, creating to fund cultural organizations: HB 2212
Cultural access programs, creation by cultural access authorities in order to fund cultural organizations: SB 6151
Ecology, department of, use of peer-reviewed literature: * HB 1113, CH 69 (2013), HB 2262, * SHB 2262, CH 22 (2014)
Fish and wildlife, department of, use of peer-reviewed literature: * HB 1112, CH 68 (2013), HB 2261, * SHB 2261, CH 21 (2014)
Laboratory equipment for higher and vocational education, tax incentives for donating: SB 5131
Science or technology center, zoo, and aquarium facilities, competitive grant program for acquiring or constructing: HB 1405, SB 5146, SSB 5146
Scientific research and development services, business and occupation surtax, extending to provide basic education and higher education funding: HB 2037, HB 2038, ESHB 2038
STEM education in public schools, expanding to include the arts (STEAM): SB 5909
Teachers, certificated instructional staff who teach science or math, salary bonus: SB 5278
Teachers, certification standards, expanding STEM requirements to include the arts (STEAM): SB 5909
Uncertainty, scientific, state agency authorization in spite of uncertainty to act to prevent environmental and human health damage: SB 5255