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               (See also SALMON; STEELHEAD)
Columbia river basin taxable bond water supply development account, transferring certain bond proceeds to: HB 1088, SHB 1088, SB 5036, * ESSB 5036, CH 20 (2013)
Columbia river, I-5 bridge, authorizing bonds to finance Columbia river crossing project: ESHB 1954, HB 1975, SHB 1975, SB 5864, SB 5923
Columbia river, I-5 bridge, rejecting replacement design alternatives that include light rail: HB 2025, SB 5090
Columbia river, I-5 bridge, requiring new replacement design alternative: HB 2025
Columbia river, I-5 bridge, tolling agreement provisions for Columbia river crossing project: SB 5502
Floatation devices used in state waters, requiring that polystyrene foam be encapsulated: SB 5546
Hydraulic permits and projects, environmental review when involving transportation, prohibiting adoption or maintaining of requirements when more stringent: HB 1996
Hydraulic permits and projects, prospecting, suction dredge use and mineral prospecting and mining permit: HB 2579
Hydraulic permits and projects, removal of sediment from freshwater by volunteers, exemption from permit requirement under certain conditions: HB 2021, SB 6027
Invasive species, aquatic, infractions to include transporting watercraft into state without valid documentation: SB 5702, * SSB 5702, CH 307 (2013)
Invasive species, integrated management approach and enforcement: HB 2458, SHB 2458, 2SHB 2458, SB 6040, * ESSB 6040, CH 202 (2014)
Mineral prospecting and mining, fish and wildlife commission to create advisory committee: SB 6544
Palouse river, designating Palouse falls as state waterfall: * HB 2119, CH 41 (2014)
Prospecting, allowing suction dredge use and requiring mineral prospecting and mining permit: HB 2579
Public infrastructure, preserving through sediment management projects: ESB 6549
Public land adjacent to body of water, access to water by way of: HB 2342
Sediment, management strategies, demonstration projects to test: ESB 6549
Sediment, removal from freshwater by volunteers, exemption from hydraulic project permit requirement under certain conditions: HB 2021, SB 6027
Skagit river basin, established groundwater uses, preserving from interruption: SB 6467, SSB 6467
Skagit Valley tulip festival, recognizing: * SR 8654 (2013)
Spawning beds, salmon and steelhead, prohibiting activities that harm or disturb: SB 5254
Yakima river basin, integrated water resource management plan, implementing plan and creating accounts: HB 1196, HB 1414, SHB 1414, SB 5367, SSB 5367, * 2SSB 5367, CH 11 (2013)
Yakima river basin, purchase of land for community forest trust to help protect basin: * 2SSB 5367, CH 11 (2013)