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               (See also LITTERING; SOLID WASTE)
Beverage containers, provisions concerning mandatory refund value, labeling, certification, and recycling process: SB 6498
Electronic products recycling program, excluding licensors from required participation: HB 1507
Electronic products recycling program, improving waste collection reporting: HB 1498, * SHB 1498, CH 292 (2013)
Electronic products recycling program, revising provisions: * ESB 5699, CH 305 (2013)
Fishing line or monofilament recycling pilot program, establishment: SB 6080
Mercury-containing light product stewardship program, repealing program and account: SB 5658
Mercury-containing light recycling account, creation: SB 5658
Mercury-containing lights, producers to pay registration and administration fees for reimbursing documented recycling and administrative costs: SB 5658
Mercury-containing lights, product stewardship organizations, provisions: HB 2246, * ESHB 2246, CH 119 (2014), SB 6177, SSB 6177
Oil, used, best management practices for dealing with PCB contamination at public recycling collection sites: HB 2745, * ESB 6501, CH 173 (2014)
Programs for recycling, using litter tax revenues to support: HB 1309, SHB 1309, SB 5357, SSB 5357