Topical Index

Abandoned and vacant properties within incorporated areas, community economic revitalization board to administer revitalization loan program for: HB 1648, SHB 1648, E2SHB 1648
Appraisal management companies, liens on property for unpaid balances: HB 2375
Appraisal management companies, surety bond minimum penal sum: HB 1012
Appraisal management companies, surety bond minimum penal sum and bond alternatives: * SHB 1012, CH 90 (2013)
Appraisers, inactive certification, license, or registration status: HB 2381, SB 6251
Appraisers, liens on property for unpaid balances: HB 2375
Appraisers, trainee applicants and existing credential holders, fingerprint-based background checks: HB 1740, SHB 1740
Beneficial interest, owner of, provisions: SB 5191
Brokers, real estate agency relationship law, clarifying terminology and duties: HB 1487, SHB 1487, SB 5352, * SSB 5352, CH 58 (2013)
Brokers, real estate, independent contractor status when not under contract with firm: HB 1853, * SHB 1853, CH 207 (2013), SB 5729
Carbon monoxide alarms, in residential occupancies, extending deadline: HB 1606, SB 5494, SSB 5494
Commercial property, assessed value, filing petition to challenge: HB 1217, SHB 1217, 2SHB 1217
Crellin, Glenn, honoring: * HR 4694 (2014)
Deeds of trust, civil infractions involving, to be class 1 civil infractions: HB 2656
Deeds of trust, reconveyances, relationships between title insurance agents, escrow agents, and attorneys: HB 1435, * SHB 1435, CH 114 (2013)
Deeds of trust, restraint of a sale by a trustee, making certain requirements optional: HB 2659
Deeds of trust, trustee's foreclosure sale, false declarations by beneficiary, penalties: HB 2658
Deeds of trust, trustee's foreclosure sale, foreclosure by owner of beneficial interest or their agent: SB 5191
Deeds of trust, trustee's foreclosure sale, internet notice and statewide portal for notices: HB 2367
Deeds of trusts, trustees for, requiring registration of: SB 5840
Defensive force, including deadly force, right to use against certain actions against real property: HB 2324
Easements, authority of Indian tribes to hold or acquire conservation easements: * HB 1277, CH 120 (2013)
Easements, private right-of-way maintenance agreements and civil actions: HB 1029, SHB 1029, 2SHB 1029
Encumbrance transfers and assignments, recording of, requirements: SB 5535
Encumbrance, transfer and assignment, county recording requirement for owner of beneficial interest: SB 5191
Escrow, expanding definition and exempting certain entities from licensing: HB 1034, * SHB 1034, CH 64 (2013)
Escrow, property taxes paid through, modifying collection dates: HB 2513
Exchange facilitators, requirements and violations: SB 5082, * ESSB 5082, CH 228 (2013)
Financing contracts for real property, authority of community and technical colleges, The Evergreen State College, and regional universities to enter into, conditions: HB 1769, SB 5780
Foreclosure sales, by county, requiring reimbursing of county costs before paying state for deferred property tax: * EHB 1421, CH 221 (2013)
Foreclosures, mediation program, modifying provisions: * HB 2723, CH 164 (2014), SB 6507
Foreclosures, tax foreclosed property, disposing to city for affordable housing purposes: EHB 2558, SB 6324
Foreclosures, tax lien sales, county electronic public auctions: HB 2592, SHB 2592, SB 6146, SSB 6146
Foreclosures, tax lien sales, online sales: HB 2491
Governmental property, surplus, sale or lease for affordable low-income housing: HB 1563, SHB 1563, E2SHB 1563, SB 5598, SSB 5598
Habitat and recreation lands, acquisition of real property by state: SB 5054, SSB 5054, SB 6052, ESSB 6052
Improvements benefitting fish and wildlife habitat or water quality or quantity, property tax exemption: HB 1570, * SB 5593, CH 236 (2013)
Land use decisions, asserting claims in cases of damage caused by governmental acts, modifying deadline: SB 5579
Liens against real property of employer by employee, provisions of employee fair classification act: HB 1440, SHB 1440, 2SHB 1440, SB 5526
Liens against real property, distribution of proceeds of sale under execution or order of sale: * ESB 6553, CH 107 (2014)
Liens against real property, for unpaid appraisal services: HB 2375
Marina slips, incorporated as own community association, not consider residential real property: SB 6319
Private property rights, protecting from United Nations Agenda 21 policies: HB 1165, SB 5011
Public agencies, properties obtained by agency through foreclosure, developing master real estate plan for use or disposal: HB 1964
Real estate agencies, clarifying terminology and duties: HB 1487, SHB 1487, SB 5352, * SSB 5352, CH 58 (2013)
Real estate brokers, original license fee, extending: HB 2370, SB 6133
Real estate research center, delaying expiration of provisions: HB 2370, SB 6133
Real property, actions for damage to property, deadline for commencing: HB 2120, SHB 2120, SB 5031, SSB 5031
Real property, state agency funding or reimbursement for fee simple acquisition, ensuring public recreational access: SSB 5057
Recreation lands purchased by nonprofit organization with public funds, requirements: SB 5057
Redemption of real property, modifying redemption by creditor provision: * SB 5541, CH 53 (2013)
Regulations affecting property owners, compensation requirements: HB 1163, HB 1166
Regulations affecting property owners, compensation under regulatory freedom and accountability act: HB 1163
Sale of real property, under execution or order of sale, distribution of proceeds: * ESB 6553, CH 107 (2014)
Service animals, unfair practices in real estate transactions and real property rentals related to: HB 1024, SHB 1024, 2SHB 1024, SB 5645
Service contracts, provisions: * HB 1036, CH 117 (2013)
Smoke detection devices, in dwelling units, requiring installation of certain lithium battery devices: HB 2053
State property owned for military purposes, annexation to a city or town: HB 1158, SHB 1158, 2SHB 1158, SB 5068, SSB 5068
Tax-exempt property, belonging to nonprofit organization, using for nonexempt purposes: HB 2345, * SB 6405, CH 99 (2014)
Title, actions to quiet, twenty-year limit and related adverse possession provisions: HB 2292
Transfer of real property, real estate excise tax affidavit, exemption from filing requirement: SB 5116
Transfer of real property, Washington uniform real property transfer on death act: HB 1117, * 2ESHB 1117, CH 58 (2014)
Transfers and assignments of real property, recording of: HB 2657
Transportation property, surplus, former owner repurchase right in cases of earlier condemnation: HB 1092
Trespass on private property, criminal, ensuring uniform statutory application by eliminating most special immunities from prosecution: HB 1681
Trespass, criminal trespass of a dwelling in foreclosure: SB 5062
Trespass, first and second degrees, removing certain defenses: SB 5062
Trespass, notice against, posting in a conspicuous manner: HB 2480, * ESB 5048 (2014) V
Vacant or undeveloped property, owned by public agencies, developing master real estate plan: HB 2628
Washington real estate research account, delaying expiration date: HB 2370, SB 6133
Zoning, proposed rezoning, notice to property owners: HB 1053