Topical Index

Applications, disclosure, implementing sunshine committee recommendations: HB 1298, SB 5169, SSB 5169
Bonuses, payment by local governments to nonelective officers and employees: SB 6308
Collective bargaining, assistant attorneys general: HB 2274
Collective bargaining, community and technical college academic employees, step increases: HB 1348, SB 5350
Collective bargaining, community and technical college part-time nontenured academic employees, authorizing bargaining unit participation: SB 5844
Collective bargaining, department of corrections employees: HB 1490, SHB 1490, SB 5387
Collective bargaining, digital copies of agreements, submission: SB 6250, SSB 6250
Collective bargaining, enhancing employee safety at western state and eastern state hospitals: SB 6506
Collective bargaining, public employee contract negotiations to be open public meetings: SB 6183
Collective bargaining, representation, restricting period for challenging: SB 6244
Collective bargaining, required action school district, modifying provisions for: * E2SSB 5329, CH 159 (2013)
Collective bargaining, requiring supplemental bargaining of agency-specific issues at request of any party: HB 1804
Collective bargaining, school district agreements to address closing opportunity gap: SB 6063
Collective bargaining, school district employees, internet portal for public access to agreements and data elements: SB 6062, SSB 6062
Collective bargaining, school district employees, public internet access to agreements: * 2SSB 6062, CH 211 (2014)
Collective bargaining, state superintendent school district employees, provisions: SB 5329
Collective bargaining, state, excluding employee wellness programs from requirements: SB 5811
Collective bargaining, state, modifying provisions concerning health care benefits: ESSB 5811
Collective bargaining, uniformed personnel, adding court protection employees and court marshals to definition: SB 6445
Collective bargaining, uniformed personnel, interest arbitration panel determinations: HB 1540, SB 5733
Collective bargaining, unilateral implementation by employer, removing authority for: HB 2755
Conservation districts, employees, disbursement of salaries, wages, and other reimbursement by electronic deposit: * SB 5770, CH 164 (2013)
County employees, salary and wage payments by electronic methods, to require approval by county legislative authority: EHB 2442, SB 6401
Democratic participation principles, training programs for public officials and employees: HB 1198, SHB 1198
Disabilities, persons with, increasing hiring by state agencies: HB 2450, SB 6329
Disabilities, state employment disability parity act: SB 6329
Ethics in state government, provisions concerning violations, investigations, and related matters: SB 5063, SB 5577, * ESSB 5577, CH 190 (2013)
Language access providers, modifying collective bargaining provisions: HB 1753, ESHB 1753, 2SHB 1753, EHB 2617, SB 5833
Legislators, state, job leave provision for legislative service, requirements: HB 2473
National defense authorization act, prohibiting state public employees or associated persons from cooperating with investigations or detainment under the act: HB 1581, SB 5511
Natural resources, department of, enforcement officers to become employees of department of fish and wildlife: HB 1849
Retaliation, protecting employees from, for conduct promoting public policy: HB 2710, SB 5839
Salaries and wages, authorizing direct deposit, including exceptions: HB 2027
Savings plan, Washington public employees', creation and relation to PERS, PSERS, SERS, and TRS: SB 5851, ESSB 5851, SB 5856
State employees, administrative reassignment, policies and procedures: HB 1460, SB 5160, SSB 5160
State employees, cell phone issuance, restricting to agency heads or employees facing safety risk: SB 5381
State employees, cellular device issuance, establishing criteria for: SSB 5381
State employees, displacement by agency use of private collection agencies: HB 1123
State employees, eligibility for health care benefits, modifying provisions concerning: HB 1587, HB 2437, SB 5542, SB 5905, ESSB 5905, SB 6347
State employees, eligibility for health care benefits, modifying provisions to be consistent with patient protection and affordable care act: SB 5905, ESSB 5905
State employees, eligibility for health care benefits, technical changes relevant to domestic partnerships: HB 2437, SB 6347
State employees, four-year colleges and universities, review of exempt and civil service classification practices: HB 2788
State employees, health and wellness program and health plan benefits, expanding wellness programs: SB 5474
State employees, home assignment, policies and procedures: HB 1460, SB 5160, SSB 5160
State employees, parking and transit fee payroll deductions, authorizing pretax payment, conditions: HB 1456, * SHB 1456, CH 124 (2013)
State employees, part-time, using Washington health benefit exchange for: ESSB 5905
State employees, receiving two unpaid holidays, including specific days for reason of faith or conscience: HB 1744, SB 5173
State employees, requiring truthfulness in providing information concerning their employment and duties and other matters: SB 5504
State employees, requiring wellness programs in state employee health care benefits: ESSB 5811
State employees, requiring wellness programs in state employee health care benefits but excluding from collective bargaining: SB 5811
State employees, shared leave program, including school and educational service district employees in uniformed service shared leave pool: SB 5826
State employees, state facility de minimis use for communicating health care, insurance, or retirement information to: * HB 1785, CH 28 (2014)
State employees, two unpaid holidays, to include faith or conscience: * SSB 5173, CH 168 (2014)
State employees, unused annual leave, increasing days allowed to accrue: HB 2248, SHB 2248
Uniformed services, uniformed service shared leave pool, removing exclusion of school and educational service district employees from: SB 5826
Unions, finances of, public disclosure of: SB 6300, SSB 6300
Unions, information concerning union membership and dues rights, placement in workplace posters: HB 1461
Unions, public employee agency shop fees required by union security provision: SB 6053, SSB 6053
Veterans, hiring preferences, for school district security activities: SB 6466, SSB 6466
Veterans, use of veteran scoring criteria status for public employment examinations: HB 1537, * SHB 1537, CH 83 (2013), SB 5061