Topical Index

Agency governing bodies, member open public meetings training requirements: HB 2121, SHB 2121, * ESB 5964, CH 66 (2014), SSB 5964
Collective bargaining, public employee contract negotiations to be open public meetings: SB 6183
County legislative authorities, meetings, holding outside county seat: EHB 1013, SB 5260
Executive session meetings, closed, recording of, including requirements and disclosure exemption: HB 1714
Open government trainings act, requiring open public meetings and public records training: HB 2121, SHB 2121, * ESB 5964, CH 66 (2014), SSB 5964
Public agencies with governing bodies, posting agendas online prior to meetings: HB 2105, * SHB 2105, CH 61 (2014)
Public comment and meeting materials, providing agency flexibility in handling: HB 1197
Public officials and employees, public records and meetings training programs, implementation: HB 1198, SHB 1198
Training concerning open public meetings, attorney general role: HB 1714