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Alexis Stuth act, concerning placement of child with relative(s) in dependency proceedings: SB 5762
Apple a day act of 2014, competitive equipment assistance grant program to enhance student nutrition: HB 2410, SHB 2410
Braden and Charlie Powell act of 2013, prohibiting child custody award to suspect in active homicide investigation: SB 5162, SSB 5162
Business license center act, renaming as business licensing service act: HB 1568, * SHB 1568, CH 144 (2013)
Collection agency act, amending: HB 1031
Constitutional currency restoration act, use of gold and silver as legal tender: HB 2542
Consumer loan act, technical corrections and licensing and enforcement revisions: HB 1326, * SB 5207, CH 29 (2013)
Debt settlement services act, licensing of persons providing services: HB 2670
Debt settlement services act, registration of persons providing services: HB 2142
Digital world privacy rights act, individual's right to retain control of digital information: HB 2180
Dylan's law, requiring person with knowledge of location of human remains to report to law enforcement: HB 1980
Early start act, aligning early learning and child care: HB 2377, SHB 2377, E2SHB 2377, SB 6127, SSB 6127
Elected official retirement savings plan act: SB 6305, SSB 6305
Employee fair classification act, improving compliance with wage-related laws: HB 1440, SHB 1440, 2SHB 1440, HB 2334, SB 5526
Employer responsibility for medical assistance costs of employees act of 2014: HB 2588
Employment security act, amending corporate officer unemployment benefit provisions: SB 5227, * SSB 5227, CH 250 (2013)
Eve Uphold act, child fatality reviews and committees: SHB 2165
Facilities naming act, naming rights for government facilities: HB 1050
Fair debt buyers practices act, consumer loan and credit account collections: HB 1069
Family and medical leave insurance act, repealing: SB 5159
Family and medical leave insurance act, repealing if not funded: ESB 5903
Family second chances act, encouraging reconciliation and nonadversarial approaches to dissolution of marriage: SB 5614
Flood hazard reduction act of 2014: HB 2356
Fourth Amendment protection act, refusing aid in certain cases to federal agencies collecting electronic data in state: HB 2272
Give fish a chance act, using suction dredge for prospecting and requiring mineral prospecting and mining permit: HB 2579
Graham Hazzard act, information for early learning licensure applicants about child care safe sleep practices: SHB 2695
Growth management act, repealing: HB 1167
Health benefit exchange grace period act, continuity of care during grace periods: HB 2571, SB 6016
Hire our heroes tax credit program, providing business and occupation tax credit for businesses hiring veterans: SB 5812
Ike act, participation in extracurricular activities by students with disabilities: SB 5172
Insurer holding company act, concerning financial solvency of insurance companies: HB 2461, SB 6391
Insurer state of entry model act, adopting: HB 1402, SHB 1402, SB 5489
International commercial arbitration act: HB 2169
Invest in Washington act, certain business and occupation tax credits to be used for new job creation and capital investment: SSB 6515
Jennifer Paulson stalking protection order act: * ESHB 1383, CH 84 (2013)
Judicial election reform act, providing public funding for supreme court campaigns: HB 2525
Kelsey Smith act, providing wireless communications call location information to law enforcement responding to emergency: HB 1897, SHB 1897
Kids first act, prioritizing state revenue growth for education: SSB 5881
Local control over marijuana commerce act: HB 2510
Local control over marijuana use and possession act: HB 2509
Mail in ballot deadline act: HB 2561
Oil transportation safety act: SB 6262
Open government trainings act, requiring open public meetings and public records training: HB 2121, SHB 2121, * ESB 5964, CH 66 (2014), SSB 5964
Parental notification of abortion act: SB 5156, SSB 5156
Pension poacher prevention act, preserving integrity of veterans' benefit-related services: HB 2390, * SB 6208, CH 67 (2014)
Professional compensation parity act, accommodating indigent clients through sliding fee schedule and legal requirements: SB 5845
Protect the initiative act, initiative to the legislature: SI 517, HI 517
Public employee defined contribution retirement plan act, creating Washington public employees' savings plan: SB 5851, ESSB 5851, SB 5856
Real hope act, state need grant eligibility for certain immigrant students with deferred action for childhood arrival status: * SB 6523, CH 1 (2014)
Regulatory fairness act of 2013, controlling state agency regulatory rule making: HB 1162
Regulatory freedom and accountability act, controlling state agency rule making: HB 1163
Restitution first act, improving system of legal financial obligations: HB 2751
Ric Smith memorial act, medical use of cannabis: HB 1084
Risk management and solvency assessment act, concerning financial solvency of insurance companies: HB 2461, SHB 2461, SB 6391, SSB 6391
Safer schools act of 2013, authorizing permanent employees to possess firearms on school grounds in some cases: HB 1788
Small consumer loan installment loan act, regulating payday loans: HB 1657, SB 5312, ESSB 5312
Small rechargeable battery stewardship act: HB 1364, SB 5457
Spill prevention and response act, concerning safety of oil and hazardous material transportation in state: SB 6524, SSB 6524
Spill prevention and response act, concerning the safety of liquid bulk crude oil transport: SB 6582
Stalking protection order act: HB 1383, SB 5452
Standard of care protection act, protecting state's standard of care for medical malpractice: HB 2419, SB 6173
Start-up Washington act, growth and development of start-up businesses: HB 2052
State bar act, repealing and recodifying: HB 1335
State employment disability parity act, increasing hiring of persons with disabilities by state agencies: HB 2450, SB 6329
State parks and recreation centennial act, provisions concerning funding, access, and the parks and recreation commission: HB 1935, SHB 1935, SB 5657
Tax exemption transparency and accountability act, creating tax expenditure budget requirement: HB 2721, SB 6477
Taxpayer funded lobbying reform act, prohibiting lobbying by state agencies: HB 1093
Taxpayer protection act, concerning outsourcing agency services to private sector or nonprofit: HB 2743, SHB 2743, 2SHB 2743, SB 6548
Transfer of public lands act, transfer of title to public lands in state by U.S. government: HB 2268
Tuition assistance program for Washingtonians' education act: SHB 1725
Uniform collaborative law act, requirements for collaborative law participation agreements: HB 1116, * SHB 1116, CH 119 (2013)
Uniform controlled substances act, amending controlled substance prescription provisions: HB 1155, SHB 1155, SB 5416, * SSB 5416, CH 276 (2013)
Uniform correction or clarification of defamation act: HB 1406, * ESB 5236, CH 294 (2013)
Uniform debt management services act, including services provider registration: HB 1340
Uniform interstate family support act, revising to include foreign support orders: HB 1118
Uniform power of attorney act, including power of attorney statutes and repeal of chapter 11.94 RCW: SB 6353
Valid voter signature protection act, prohibiting rejection of a valid petition signature: SB 5505, SSB 5505
Washington business corporation act, amending dissenters' rights provisions: * HB 1148, CH 97 (2013)
Washington commercial bank act: HB 2141, * SB 6135, CH 37 (2014)
Washington cosmetologists, barbers, manicurists, and estheticians act, adding hair designers to title of act: HB 2512, ESHB 2512, SB 6357
Washington jobs act of 2014, crowdfunding for certain small securities offerings: * ESHB 2023, CH 144 (2014)
Washington jobs assistance act, prohibiting employers from asking about or using nonconviction information: HB 2545
Washington savings association act, renaming RCW Title 33 as: HB 2141, * SB 6135, CH 37 (2014)
Washington savings bank act, renaming RCW Title 32 as: HB 2141, * SB 6135, CH 37 (2014)
Washington state energy freedom act, prohibiting state agency regulation of greenhouse gas emissions without legislative authorization: HB 1169
Washington state firearms ammunition, parts, and accessories jobs act: HB 2020
Washington state firearms freedom act of 2013: HB 1371
Washington state freedom of travel act, prosecuting acts of official oppression by federal public servants: HB 1454
Washington state gun and ammunition sales tax exemption act: HB 2529
Washington state health care freedom act of 2013, prohibiting required participation in a health care system: HB 1168
Washington state incandescent light bulb freedom act: HB 2476
Washington state life at conception act, declaring that right to life begins at conception: HB 1259
Washington state medical use of cannabis act, revising and renaming: HB 2149, SHB 2149, E2SHB 2149
Washington state patient safety act, hospital nursing staffing practices: HB 1095, SHB 1095
Washington state preservation of liberty act, prohibiting investigations or cooperation with detainment under the national defense authorization act: HB 1581, SB 5511
Washington state renewable energy space heating act, using densified biomass wood fuel and associated heating appliances: SB 5555
Washington trust institutions act: HB 2141, * SB 6135, CH 37 (2014)
Washington uniform real property transfer on death act: HB 1117, * 2ESHB 1117, CH 58 (2014)
Washington voting rights act of 2013, enacting: HB 1413, SHB 1413, SB 5473
Water banking best practices act: HB 2760, SB 6533
Workers' recovery act, removing age barriers with regard to structured settlement agreements: 2ESSB 5127
Working waterfront redevelopment jobs act: SB 5545
Wynn Loiland act, extending health insurance access to certain LEOFF plan 2 members catastrophically disabled in line of duty: * SHB 1868, CH 287 (2013)
Young voter registration equality act, motor voter preregistration for persons age sixteen and seventeen: EHB 1279, ESHB 1279, SB 5270