Topical Index

Aerospace industry, certain sales and use tax exemption expansion and certain tax preference extensions, committee to review: HB 2089, SHB 2089, SB 5952, * ESSB 5952, CH 2 (2013)
Agency expenditures, for advertising and marketing, committee to conduct analysis: HB 1373
Back-to-school clothing and school supply items sales and use tax exemptions, committee to conduct economic impact study: HB 1329, SB 5529
Beekeepers, tax relief for, committee to evaluate: SHB 1558, * ESSB 5882, CH 13 (2013)
Committees, education, recommendations to committees by audit and review committee concerning school district compliance reports: SB 6241
Federal funding programs requiring changes in state law or rules, joint committee to report concerning: SB 6512
Federal funding programs requiring changes in state law, joint committee to report concerning: ESSB 6512
Habitat and recreation lands, acquisition by state, committee study of certain state agencies: SB 6052
Hog fuel, sales and use tax exemptions, committee to review performance of preference: SHB 1663, 2SHB 1663, SB 5866, * ESSB 5882, CH 13 (2013)
Industrial/manufacturing facilities, property tax exemption for new construction on undeveloped or underutilized lands, committee to report on: SHB 1443
K-12 professional development for teachers and principals, committee to analyze: HB 1252, ESHB 1252
New businesses in high growth sectors, business and occupation tax deduction, committee to review impact of preference: SHB 1693, 2SHB 1693
New businesses, business and occupation tax credit, committee to review and report concerning: HB 2052
Outsourcing services to private sector or nonprofit, establishing taxpayer protection act concerning, joint committee role: HB 2743, SHB 2743, 2SHB 2743, SB 6548
School day, use by school districts, committee to conduct analysis and submit report: SSB 5588
Student assessments, multistate consortia-developed, committee role in examining student records privacy issues: HB 2133
Tax preferences, creating, expanding, or extending various, role of committee in connection with: * ESSB 5882, CH 13 (2013)
Tax preferences, implementing joint committee recommendations: SB 5041
Washington state health insurance pool, committee to review chapter 48.41 RCW and provide recommendations: SB 5449
Workers' compensation audit, including certain retrospective rating plan scheduling authority: HB 1316, SB 5112