Topical Index

Contractor infractions, administrative hearings, amending department of labor and industries appeal bonds provisions: HB 2146, * SHB 2146, CH 190 (2014)
Contractors, voluntary independent contractor exemption certificates, department role in creating and regulating: HB 2147, SHB 2147
Electrical industry, whistleblowers in, protections for: HB 2275, SHB 2275, SB 6037
Electricians, journey level or residential specialty certificate of competency, apprenticeship program requirement: ESHB 2500
Electricians, journeyman or residential specialty certificate of competency, apprenticeship program requirement: HB 2500
Electricians, limited energy specialty certification, using telecommunications work experience for: * HB 2253, CH 156 (2014), HB 2254, SB 6277
Electricians, proof of licensing and identification, altering department display requirements: HB 2323, SB 6557
Electricians, with certain certificates, photovoltaic electrical systems endorsement from department: SB 5189
Electricians, with certain license or certificate, department to allow generator load bank testing without electrical work permit: HB 1855
Employee fair classification act, department enforcement role: HB 1440, SHB 1440, 2SHB 1440, HB 2334, SB 5526
Farm internship pilot project, establishment: SB 5123, * SSB 5123, CH 131 (2014)
Interpreter services, authorizing purchase by department for doctors providing services to limited-English speaking or sensory-impaired injured workers or crimes victims: HB 1753, SB 5833
Interpreter services, authorizing purchase by department for providers providing services to limited-English speaking injured workers or crimes victims: ESHB 1753, 2SHB 1753, EHB 2617
Minimum wage, adjusted, increasing annually by rate of inflation, department role: HB 2032
News business, independent contractors in, employment status for minimum wage and unemployment and worker's compensation purposes: HB 1659, * SB 5476, CH 141 (2013)
Occupational disease, firefighters, mandatory exposure reporting requirement for, department to convene work group: SHB 2576
Permitting decisions, enhancing transparency and predictability of process: HB 2192, SHB 2192, * E2SHB 2192, CH 68 (2014), SB 6045
Prevailing wages, exemption from paying, certain filings no longer required by department when exempt: HB 1254
Prevailing wages, exemption from paying, prohibiting charging of fee when affidavit of wages paid is filed: * SHB 1254, CH 148 (2014)
Prevailing wages, public works, basing on nonpublic works data: HB 2209
Prevailing wages, public works, department to track surveys: HB 2692
Prevailing wages, public works, determinations of prevailing wage rates, revising department role: HB 1672, SB 5685
Prevailing wages, public works, exemption from requirements for certain distressed counties: SB 5727, SSB 5727
Prevailing wages, public works, industrial statistician to base on collective bargaining agreements or other methods: HB 2527
Prevailing wages, public works, modifying prevailing wage survey provisions, department role: SB 5686, SSB 5686
Prevailing wages, public works, surveys to use stratified random sampling: HB 2210, SB 6317, SSB 6317
Public works certified payroll records collection pilot project, department role: SB 5823
Rules, review of, department to conduct for streamlining purposes: HB 1591, SHB 1591, SB 5679, * SSB 5679, CH 30 (2013)
Scholarships offered by nonprofits, available to children and spouses of certain injured workers, information provided by department: * HB 1863, CH 134 (2013)
Training wage, director to establish procedures allowing employers to pay for specified period: HB 1150, SB 5275
Unions, information concerning union membership and dues rights, placement in workplace posters by department: HB 1461
Wage complaints and claims, collection procedures, department role: HB 1467, 2ESHB 1467, SB 5360
Wage-related laws, employer compliance with, department role in improving: HB 1440, SHB 1440, 2SHB 1440, HB 2333, SHB 2333, 2SHB 2333, HB 2334, SB 5526
Wages, unpaid, alternative collection procedures, department role: * SSB 5360, CH 210 (2014)
Worker's compensation, auditing employers for industrial insurance compliance, restricting department's authority: HB 2731
Workers' compensation, establishing joint legislative task force on private competition in industrial insurance: SB 5675
Workers' compensation, high risk classifications in forest products industry, department to establish workers' compensation state fund high risk premium subsidy program: SB 5744
Workers' compensation, introducing private competition in industrial insurance coverage: SB 5675
Workers' compensation, logger safety initiative, department to report concerning: * ESSB 5744, CH 339 (2013)
Workers' compensation, permanent and total disability, limiting compensation to disabled worker's working years: SB 6526
Workers' compensation, self-insurance plans, authorizing group plans, department role: SB 6179, SSB 6179
Workers' compensation, studies of, department to contract for multiple independent studies: HB 1463, SB 5128, ESSB 5128
Workers' compensation, vocational rehabilitation subcommittee recommendations, department role: EHB 1470, SB 5362, * SSB 5362, CH 331 (2013)