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               (See also INSURANCE)
Agencies, effective date of practice, policy, or procedure used when administering, interpreting, enforcing, or implementing law, commissioner role: HB 1775
Alien insurers, adopting insurer state of entry model act: HB 1402, SHB 1402, SB 5489
Business license center, participation by office of insurance commissioner: HB 1403, * ESHB 1403, CH 111 (2013), SB 5680, SSB 5680, E2SSB 5680
Health benefit exchanges, multiple private, office of commissioner role in applying for waiver to authorize multiple private exchanges in state: SB 5919
Health care implementation and oversight, commissioner to report to joint select committee on health care implementation and oversight: HB 2568
Health care insurance, commissioner role in purchase of coverage from foreign insurers that are qualifying reciprocal plans: SB 5540, SSB 5540, E2SSB 5540
Health care insurance, commissioner role in reciprocal interstate insurance policy sales agreements: HB 2220
Health care insurance, insuring entities to submit price and quality data to commissioner and large group purchasers: SB 5537
Health care insurance, prior authorization forms, commissioner to develop and implement: HB 1380, SB 5267, SSB 5267
Health care insurance, rule making concerning, requiring notice by commissioner: * ESB 6458 (2014) V
Health care, commissioner role in identifying and briefing legislature on promising current and emerging health care practices: SB 5538
Insurance code, authority and means of implementing, revisions and updates: HB 1638, SHB 1638, SB 5471, SSB 5471
Insurer holding companies, concerning financial solvency of insurance companies, commissioner role: SHB 2461, SSB 6391
Insurer holding company act, concerning financial solvency of insurance companies, commissioner role: HB 2461, SB 6391
Legal service contractors, regulation of, commissioner rule-making authority: HB 2691, SHB 2691
Life insurance, reserve requirements, commissioner role in modernizing: HB 2801
Long-term care insurance, commissioner to adopt rules for prompt payment requirements: HB 1441, * SB 5216, CH 8 (2013)
Risk management and solvency assessment act, concerning financial solvency of insurance companies, commissioner role: HB 2461, SHB 2461, SB 6391, SSB 6391
Rule making by commissioner, concerning health care insurance, notice requirements: * ESB 6458 (2014) V
Rule making by commissioner, specific grant of legislative authority, requirement: HB 1163
School employees' insurance benefits, commissioner to provide data to health care authority for reporting purposes: SB 6519
Standard valuation law, modernizing life insurance reserve requirements, commissioner role: HB 2801
Title insurance, commissioner to designate statistical reporting agent for insurers: * HB 1035, CH 65 (2013), SB 5269
Workers' compensation, introducing private competition in industrial insurance coverage, commissioner role: SB 5675