Topical Index

Central services of state government, including department, conforming amendments prompted by reorganization and streamlining: HB 2098, SHB 2098
Competitive contracting, excluding the department from certain processes involving: SB 5717, SSB 5717
Contracts, for capital and transportation projects, providing information online, department role: HB 2104
Contracts, outsourcing services, requiring impact statement: HB 2743, SHB 2743, 2SHB 2743, SB 6548
Enterprise services account, modifying provisions: HB 1972
Fuel, local government usage, department recommendations for purchasing decisions: HB 1602
Information technology services, contracting for, limiting to support of enterprise technology applications in certain cases: SB 5891
Interpreter services, defining "language access providers" for state agency purchasing purposes, including department role: HB 1753, ESHB 1753, 2SHB 1753, EHB 2617, SB 5833
Leaf blowers, department to ensure grounds care does not include use of: SB 6342
Outsourcing services to private sector or nonprofit, establishing taxpayer protection act concerning: HB 2743, SHB 2743, 2SHB 2743, SB 6548
Personnel service fund, discontinuing use by department of enterprise services: HB 1972
Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), state purchasing preference for products not containing, department role: SB 6086, * SSB 6086, CH 135 (2014)
Procurement by state or local government, contract length limitation and termination prohibition: HB 1143
Procurement by state or local government, nonsubstantive changes to statutes: HB 2374, ESHB 2374
Procurement by state, reasons for debarment of contractors to include fraud and false medicaid claims: * SB 5948, CH 34 (2013)
Programs and services performed by department, adding to list to be reviewed by office of financial management: SB 5717, SSB 5717
Public buildings, department to develop high-performance standard to be known as the LEED plus W standard: SB 6341
Purchasing of goods and services, competitive bid process, preference for in-state businesses, department role: HB 1938
Purchasing services and activities, technology services board to approve certain contracting for department: SB 5717, SSB 5717
Real property, surplus governmental, selling or leasing by department for affordable low-income housing: HB 1563, SHB 1563, E2SHB 1563, SB 5598, SSB 5598
Risk management office, claims for damages due to tortious conduct, electronic presentment: HB 1762, * SB 5136, CH 188 (2013)
Rule making by department, specific grant of legislative authority, requirement: HB 1163
Self-insurance, local government, to support LEOFF plan 1 retirees to develop voluntarily risk pool for certain medical costs: SB 5916, SSB 5916
State agency employees, payroll parking and transit fee deductions, authorizing pretax payment, conditions: HB 1456, * SHB 1456, CH 124 (2013)
Surveillance using extraordinary sensing devices, department to convene work group: * EHB 2789 (2014) V
Vessels, publicly owned, transfer by department: HB 1245, * ESHB 1245, CH 291 (2013), SB 5663, ESSB 5663