Topical Index

Children's services caseworkers, requiring domestic violence training for: SSB 5162, SB 5315, * SSB 5315, CH 254 (2013)
Children, domestic violence against, modifying offender score provisions: HB 2194
Felony domestic violence offenses, plead and proven, supervision of offenders by department of corrections: SB 6192, SSB 6192, 2SSB 6192
Juveniles, arrested for nonfelonious domestic violence, responding officer placement options for certain juveniles: HB 2455, HB 2722, SB 6254
Juveniles, felonious domestic violence, responding officer authority to arrest certain juveniles for: SHB 2722
Marriage, dissolution, court to consider domestic violence history when ordering maintenance: HB 2444
Powell fatality team, implementing recommendations: SB 5315, * SSB 5315, CH 254 (2013)
Victims, paid sick and safe leave, establishing minimum standards: HB 1313, ESHB 1313, SB 5594
Victims, paid sick and safe leave, geographic limitations on local leave programs: HB 1781, ESB 5726
Victims, paid sick and safe leave, state preemption of local leave regulation: HB 1780, SB 5728
Wounds, bullet and stab, requiring hospitals to follow their established procedures when patient indicates domestic violence caused their injury: * ESB 5305, CH 252 (2013)