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               (See also HOMES AND HOUSING)
Building code enforcement officials, building permit fee to support apprenticeship program for: HB 2214, SHB 2214, SB 5074, SB 6018
Carbon monoxide alarms, in residential occupancies, extending deadline: HB 1606, SB 5494, SSB 5494
Codes, substantial amendments to, allowing only at six-year intervals, exception for embodied energy: ESB 5378
Electrical code, joint legislative task force concerning, creating: HB 2213, SB 6019
Electrical industry, whistleblowers in, protections for: HB 2275, SHB 2275, SB 6037
Energy code, shifting certain counties between two climate zones: SHB 2249
Energy code, shifting certain counties to climate zone 2: HB 2249
Food and yard waste collection, space for containers for new residential occupancies: HB 2481, SHB 2481
Permits, fee, funding building code officials apprenticeship program: HB 2214, SHB 2214, SB 5074, SB 6018
Plumbing fixtures, various, efficiency standards, exceptions: SHB 1017
Public buildings, developing high-performance standard to be known as the LEED plus W standard: SB 6341
Schools, before- and after-school programs, building code council adoption of rules allowing students to be in school buildings for: HB 1852
Single-family residential buildings, eliminating minimum area and square footage requirements: SHB 2168
Single-family residential buildings, limiting minimum square footage requirements: HB 2168
Smoke alarms, long-life, converting to: HB 2401
Toilets, efficiency standards for water closets and urinals: HB 1017, SHB 1017
Toilets, high efficiency, requiring: HB 2414, ESHB 2414, SB 6285
Transportation projects, state transportation corridor, exempting DOT from obtaining various local permits: SB 6156