Topical Index

               (See also OIL AND GAS)
Agricultural land and agricultural activity, modifying definitions for pollution control purposes: SB 6124
Car washes, charitable, improving water quality and prescribing penalty for violations: SB 5777
Coal tar asphalt sealant, prohibiting sale and use: HB 1721, * ESHB 1721, CH 268 (2011)
Dredge and fill material, discharge of, exemption from prohibition when due to certain agricultural practices: SB 6431, SSB 6431
Facilities for water pollution control, department of ecology authority to provide funding to publicly owned industrial wastewater treatment facilities: SB 6027, SSB 6027
Fertilizers, phosphorus-containing, restrictions on use and sale: HB 1271, HB 1489, * ESHB 1489, CH 73 (2011) PV, SB 5194, SSB 5194
Lead, prohibiting sale and purchase of certain lead fishing products: HB 2241
Livestock nutrient management, provisions concerning investigations and corrective actions: SB 5723
Livestock operations, process for achieving water quality objectives, violations and penalties: SSB 5723
Metropolitan water pollution abatement advisory committees, membership: * HB 1074, CH 124 (2011), SB 5032
Paint, copper-containing antifouling paint, phasing out use on recreational vessels: HB 1785, SHB 1785, SB 5436, * SSB 5436, CH 248 (2011)
Pollution liability insurance program and agency, extending expiration of agency's authority and funding source: HB 2590, * SHB 2590, CH 3 (2012), SB 6335
Pollution liability insurance program and agency, transferring to department of ecology: HB 1850, SB 5669, SSB 5669, E2SSB 5669
Sewage, failing on-site sewage systems, repairing or replacing system or connecting to sewerage system: SB 5080
Shellfish, production, mitigating water pollution: SB 6279
Shellfish, production, reviewing certain information on marine water quality and shellfish: SSB 6279
Storm water pollutants, toxic, imposing fee on first possession, exceptions: HB 1735, SB 5604
Storm water, department of ecology to provide comprehensive risk based storm water regulatory plan: HB 1806
Storm water, discharging to marine waters, department of ecology to report on regulation and management actions: SB 6014
Storm water, general permits, industrial storm water, permittees with discharges impaired for bacteria: * HB 2651, CH 110 (2012), SB 6393
Storm water, general permits, reissuance of certain municipal storm water general permit: HB 2390
Storm water, improving water quality during charitable car washes and prescribing penalty for violations: SB 5777
Storm water, installation of boatyard treatment facilities, exemption from shoreline management act requirements in certain cases: * EHB 2469, CH 169 (2012)
Storm water, mitigation projects, tax exemptions for sales and use of project materials: HB 1996
Storm water, new requirements, delaying to provide fiscal relief to cities and counties: HB 2338, SB 6207
Storm water, permit issuance, low-impact development principles and practices: HB 2641, SHB 2641, HB 2801, SB 6372
Storm water, rates and charges for facilities, provisions: HB 2733, SHB 2733
Violations, department of ecology to provide compliance assistance before issuing penalties: HB 1082, SHB 1082
Violations, lands with livestock, department of ecology to provide voluntary compliance assistance before issuing notice: HB 1152
Water pollution control revolving administration account, creation, deposit of certain fees in account: HB 2605, SHB 2605, SB 6343, SSB 6343