Topical Index

Appeal and permit procedures, shoreline management act, provisions: HB 1662, SHB 1662, HB 2162, SHB 2162, SB 5530
Appeals and notifications, shoreline management act, department of ecology timelines: HB 1696, SHB 1696, SB 5192, * SSB 5192, CH 277 (2011)
Docks, "substantial development" exceptions, amending fair market value limit for certain docks: EHB 2417
Forest to shore restoration, construction projects for, authorizing bonds to fund: HB 2793, SHB 2793
Houseboats and houseboat moorages, use classification: HB 1783, * SHB 1783, CH 212 (2011), SB 5623
Marine waters, policy guidance for siting of renewable energy facilities in, deadline: SB 6168
Master programs, delaying certain deadlines to provide fiscal relief for counties and cities: HB 1478, * ESHB 1478, CH 353 (2011), SB 5360, SSB 5360, 2SSB 5360
Master programs, limiting city and county moratoria authority during amendment process: HB 1088
Master programs, local, clarifying certain appeal procedures by ensuring consistency with various statutes: HB 2487, * EHB 2671, CH 172 (2012), SB 6188, SSB 6188
Master programs, provisions concerning existing shoreline structures: SB 5451
Master programs, provisions concerning existing shoreline structures in program adopted under shoreline management act: * SSB 5451, CH 323 (2011)
National marine heritage area, requesting designation of: SJM 8019
Ocean beach small-scale prospecting and mining, exemption from certain hydraulic project requirements: SB 6132
Permits, shoreline, commencing work outside shoreland area prior to final action on appeal: HB 2162, SHB 2162
Permits, shoreline, commencing work outside shoreland area prior to issuance of permit: 2SHB 1662
Permits, shoreline, replacement of certain elements of state route number 520 Evergreen Point bridge: HB 2787, SHB 2787, * EHB 2814, CH 84 (2012), SB 6599
Shoreline management act, avoiding duplicative review: SB 6329
Shoreline management act, department of ecology to report on actions under act and related matters: SB 6016
Shoreline management act, exemption from requirements for installation of boatyard storm water treatment facilities in certain cases: * EHB 2469, CH 169 (2012)
State environmental policy act, streamlining process through exemptions from certain requirements: HB 1952, SHB 1952
Violations, shoreline management act, providing compliance assistance before issuing penalties: HB 1082, SHB 1082
Waterfront jobs creation, working waterfront redevelopment jobs act: SB 6170, ESSB 6170