Topical Index

2012 jobs now act, including appropriations for public capital projects: HB 2793, SHB 2793, * ESB 5127, CH 1 (2012)
Aliens, unlawful, various contracting and employment provisions: SB 6436
Allotments for projects, valuing provisions, increasing amount for higher education institution projects: HB 2735
Alternative public works contracting procedures, outreach plans and use of design-build: HB 2327
Alternative subcontractor selection process, bidder protesting of qualified finalist bidders selection: HB 1971
Apprentice utilization, contractor submission of payroll records concerning: SB 6416
Artworks for public buildings, eliminating construction appropriations artwork purchase requirement: SB 5109
Artworks for public buildings, restricting purchases to artists living in Washington: SB 6330
Artworks for public buildings, suspending expenditure of moneys by arts commission for acquisition of art works: SB 6004, SB 6042
Building materials, reviewing other states' codes and standards on embodied energy and carbon in materials: * ESSB 5485, CH 341 (2011)
Building service maintenance contracts, prevailing rate of wage requirement no longer applicable: SB 5358
Buildings, major facility projects, constructing public buildings using high-performance methods: * SSB 5300, CH 99 (2011)
Buildings, major facility projects, using Washington state-based resources in constructing public buildings: SB 5300
Buildings, public, reducing embodied energy of building materials by increasing use of wood and wood projects: SB 5485
Community redevelopment financing, levying in apportionment districts: HB 1881, HJR 4217, SB 5705, SSB 5705, SJR 8213, SSJR 8213
Contingent loan agreements, financing local government projects through state-local agreements: SHB 1915, HB 2040, SHB 2040
Contractors, in-state contractor preference, department of general administration to apply preference after surveying other states: HB 2042, * 2SSB 5662, CH 345 (2011)
Contractors, resident contractor preference, state and municipalities to apply: HB 1809, SB 5662, SSB 5662
Contractors, resident employment preference, requirements: SB 6573
Contracts for construction projects, execution by department of commerce, revising certain requirements: SB 5825
Contracts for construction projects, execution by recreation and conservation funding board, revising certain requirements: SB 5825
Contracts for construction projects, execution by state historical society, revising certain requirements: SB 5825
Contracts, public improvement, contract bond requirements for transit facility projects: HB 2240, SB 6063
Education construction fund, discontinuing funds appropriation for student achievement program: * HB 2824, CH 10 (2012)
Education construction fund, reducing funding for: HB 2823, * ESHB 2823, CH 5 (2012), SB 6377, SB 6618
Education construction, authorizing lottery revenue bonds to fund: HB 2792, SHB 2792
Highway construction, design-build procedures, adjusting provision concerning awarding of contracts: SB 5250, SSB 5250, E2SSB 5250
Highways and streets, contracts involving, relying on contract bond for protection and payment of claims and taxes: HB 1384, * SHB 1384, CH 231 (2011)
Infrastructure, establishing task force concerning financing of public works infrastructure, student loans, and economic development: HB 2040, SHB 2040
Infrastructure, revising provisions concerning state assistance for local government infrastructure projects: HB 1915, HB 2040, SHB 2040, SB 5745, SB 5844, ESSB 5844
Job order contracting procedure, authorizing regional transit authorities to use: HB 2369, SB 6064
Job order contracts, revising provisions: * EHB 2328, CH 102 (2012)
Local government capital construction assistance, authorizing bonds to fund: HB 2793, SHB 2793
Local public infrastructure systems, public works board role in addressing project backlog: HB 2768, SB 6586
Port district small public works projects, waiving and clarifying certain requirements: HB 2635, SB 6365, SSB 6365
Prevailing wages, contractor records requests by department of labor and industries: HB 1058, SHB 1058, SB 5070, * SSB 5070, CH 92 (2011)
Prevailing wages, deadline for filing nonpayment of prevailing rate complaint: HB 1433
Prevailing wages, defining: SB 6419
Prevailing wages, definitions of contractor and subcontractor: HB 2669
Prevailing wages, exempting certain manufacturing or furnishing workers from requirements: SB 6420
Prevailing wages, exempting certain workers from requirements: SB 6422
Prevailing wages, filing of prevailing wage forms: SB 5746, SSB 5746
Prevailing wages, public works, basing on industrial statistician's previous written determination: SB 6480, SSB 6480
Prevailing wages, requirements for affidavits of wages paid: SB 6421, * SSB 6421, CH 129 (2012)
Prevailing wages, successor entities and liability: ESHB 2669
Projects costing less than five thousand dollars, waiver of certain requirements by state agency or municipality: HB 1970
Projects of statewide significance, mechanism for federal, state, and local government to perform project reviews: HB 1924, SB 5676, SSB 5676
Public improvement contracts with community service organizations, revising provisions: * HB 2305, CH 218 (2012), SB 6125
Public works assistance account, redirecting certain revenues to general fund: * ESHB 2823, CH 5 (2012)
Public works board, renaming as infrastructure financing board: HB 1915, SB 5745
Redevelopment areas, local governments creating, use of community redevelopment financing: HB 2746
Regional transit authorities, use of job order contracting procedure: HB 2369, SB 6064
Reporting by cities to state auditor, making mandatory reporting optional in certain cases: HB 1855, * HB 2834, CH 5 (2012) PV
Small works roster, microbusinesses and minibusinesses, definitions and relevant contracting procedures for public works: SHB 1173
Small works roster, microbusinesses, definition and relevant contracting procedures for public works: HB 1173
State facilities, siting where accessible to transit services: HB 1967, SB 5796, SSB 5796
University of Washington, capital construction and building purposes: HB 1754, SB 5576, SSB 5576, 2SSB 5576
Washington service corps, minor public works, funding and other provisions: SSB 6405
Washington State University, capital construction and building purposes: HB 1754, SB 5576, SSB 5576, 2SSB 5576
Water, construction of water quality and safe drinking water projects, authorizing bonds for: HB 2793, SHB 2793