Topical Index

Child care facilities, voluntary quality rating and improvement system, institute to conduct longitudinal study: 2SHB 2569
Citizens' custody review board, establishment, institute to study impact on recidivism: HB 2521
Civil service law, exempting institute officers and employees from: HB 2460, SB 6079
Domestic violence, institute to study recidivism by and treatment of perpetrators: HB 2363, * ESHB 2363, CH 223 (2012)
Evidence-based and research-based programs for juvenile justice, child welfare, and children's mental health, role of institute: * E2SHB 2536, CH 232 (2012)
Family assessment response for child protective services, institute role in evaluating implementation sites: HB 2289, SHB 2289, 2SHB 2289
Marijuana, decriminalization and regulation, institute role: SI 502, HI 502
Marijuana, medical, institute to review implementation of Washington state medical use of cannabis act: HB 1100, SB 5073, SSB 5073, * E2SSB 5073, CH 181 (2011) PV
Preschool, Washington preschool program, institute to conduct outcome evaluation: 2SHB 2448
Pretrial risk assessment tool, development and validation by institute: SB 5056, SSB 5056
Student achievement, institute and superintendent of public instruction to design and implement study of remediation strategies: HB 1443, SHB 1443, E2SHB 1443, HB 2111
Washington's finances, committee on, institute to facilitate and staff: SB 5812