Topical Index

Achievement gap oversight and accountability committee, duties: HB 1251, SB 5093, SSB 5093
Aerospace careers, STEM courses, grants for high schools and skill centers: * EHB 2159, CH 1 (2011), SB 5975
Agency, creating the office of the superintendent of public instruction as an executive branch agency: SB 5522
Alternative learning experiences, modifying contract-based learning, assessment, and other provisions: HB 2209, SHB 2209
Alternative learning experiences, provisions concerning contract-based learning programs, dropout recovery programs, and academic assessment system: SB 6513
Alternative learning experiences, superintendent role in funding allocation adjustments for students enrolled in: * ESHB 2065, CH 34 (2011)
Artworks for public school buildings, suspending expenditure of moneys by arts commission for acquisition of art works: SB 6042
Assessments, elementary and middle school, superintendent to inform parents and guardians of cost to state of administering: HB 2831
Assessments, end-of-course, superintendent role in statewide science assessment: * ESHB 1410, CH 22 (2011)
Assessments, end-of-course, superintendent to develop for high school science: HB 1410, SB 5226
Assessments, statewide, reducing costs by reducing assessment requirements: HB 2231
Assessments, statewide, role of superintendent in communications between board of education and legislature concerning: * ESHB 2115, CH 6 (2011)
Audits of lowest-achieving schools in required action districts, adding social emotional learning to criteria: SB 6117
Basic education and funding, implementation schedule: SB 5919, * ESSB 5919, CH 27 (2011) PV
Basic education and funding, superintendent role in various changes: * ESSB 5919, CH 27 (2011) PV
Budget reductions, superintendent's role in implementation: HB 1251, SHB 1251, SB 5093, SSB 5093
Bullying and harassment prevention, work group to be convened by superintendent and education ombudsman: HB 1163, SHB 1163, * 2SHB 1163, CH 185 (2011)
Buses, reimbursing districts for cost of school buses, reimbursement rates: SB 5476
Career and technical education, secondary, superintendent to convene work group to develop statewide strategic plan: HB 1710, * SHB 1710, CH 267 (2011)
Career pathways act, role of office of superintendent: HB 2170, SHB 2170, 2SHB 2170, SB 6119
Child abuse, public school education child abuse prevention program, superintendent role in establishing: SB 5853
Collaborative schools for innovation and success pilot project, role of office of the superintendent: HB 2799, * ESHB 2799, CH 53 (2012)
Commission on statewide school district reorganization, staff support by office of superintendent: HB 1325
Common core standards, delaying adoption and implementation: HB 1891
Compliance reports, second-class school districts, superintendent to develop condensed compliance report form: SB 5184, * SSB 5184, CH 45 (2011)
Construction assistance for schools, calculations for, ensuring host school not penalized for entirety of shared or colocated facility: * SSB 6038, CH 245 (2012), SB 6040
Day and hour requirements, superintendent authority to provide exemption for district: HB 1607, SB 5511
Defibrillators, automated external defibrillator program, superintendent to establish for each high school: SB 6562
Defibrillators, automated external, as part of new medical emergency response program for each high school, superintendent role: SB 6631
Dropout reduction and graduation improvement, superintendent to assist schools and districts: HB 1443, SHB 1443, E2SHB 1443, HB 2111
Early learning guidelines, state, superintendent role in developing: HB 2608, SHB 2608, SB 6293
Education system, modifying statutory provisions to provide flexibility: SB 5191, SSB 5191
Educational success for youth and alumni of foster care act, role of office of the superintendent: HB 2254, * SHB 2254, CH 163 (2012), SB 6374
Educator certificates, application processing fee to be charged by superintendent: HB 1449, * ESHB 1449, CH 23 (2011)
Elimination of office of the superintendent of public instruction: HJR 4220
Elimination of superintendent as a statewide elected official: SJR 8212
Federal forest revolving account, superintendent to adopt rules regarding definition of "resident" for allocation purposes: * SSB 5239, CH 278 (2011)
Financial education public-private partnership, membership: * HB 1594, CH 262 (2011)
Financial education, adoption of jumpstart coalition national standards in K-12 personal finance education: * HB 1594, CH 262 (2011)
Financial education, online, superintendent to implement: HB 1684
Highly capable students program, requirements for adoption of rules by superintendent: SB 6118
Indian education division, creation within office of superintendent: HB 1829, SB 5687
Information technology portfolio, superintendent to develop: HB 1841, SHB 1841, SB 5761, SB 5931, * ESSB 5931, CH 43 (2011) PV
Innovation schools and innovation zones, superintendent role in creation and comprehensive provisions: HB 1546, SHB 1546, * E2SHB 1546, CH 260 (2011), SB 5792
Innovation schools, superintendent role in process for identifying and recognizing: * HB 1521, CH 202 (2011), SB 5726, SSB 5726
K-12 employees' health benefits pool, establishment of interagency agreements for voluntary enrollment: SB 5940
Kindergarten, state-funded full-day, using student assessment process specified by superintendent: HB 1510, SHB 1510, 2SHB 1510, SB 5427, SSB 5427, * 2SSB 5427, CH 340 (2011)
Math performance incentive program, creation by superintendent: SB 6375
Middle class jobs act, superintendent role in provisions: HB 1601, SHB 1601
Middle-income bracket, agencies to coordinate efforts to improve services and move households up to middle-income bracket: HB 1601, SHB 1601, HB 2171
Military spouses, expediting professional educator licensing process when relocating to Washington: * ESSB 5969, CH 5 (2011)
Native education, office of, creation within office of superintendent: * SHB 1829, CH 270 (2011), SSB 5687
Online learning, approved online courses, superintendent role: SB 5603
Online learning, office's role in encouraging K-12 students to use during school year breaks: HB 2634
Pay for actual student success program, creation, superintendent role in encouraging dropout prevention: HB 1599, SHB 1599, * E2SHB 1599, CH 288 (2011) PV
Planning processes, agencies to coordinate efforts to improve services and move households up to middle-income bracket or higher: HB 2171
Principals and teachers, evaluation systems, office of superintendent to develop online training package for new system: HB 2165, SB 6318
Principals and teachers, evaluation systems, superintendent role in implementing revised system and using results: HB 2427, SB 6203
Principals, issuing residency provisional principal certification: HB 1593, SHB 1593, E2SHB 1593, SB 5667
Professional educator standards board, abolishing board and transferring powers, duties, and functions to superintendent: HB 1974
Quality education council, implementing council recommendations: HB 1443, SHB 1443, E2SHB 1443, HB 2111, HB 2447, HB 2470, HB 2506, SB 6246
Quality education council, modifying duties of: SB 6247
Quality education council, role in implementing basic education and funding changes: SSB 5475, SB 5919, * ESSB 5919, CH 27 (2011) PV
Quality education council, role in school innovation program: HB 1447
Quality education council, role in streamlining of education governance: HB 1974
Remedial postsecondary education, superintendent to reimburse higher education institutions for: SB 6438
School districts, dissolution, convening financial oversight committee: HB 2617, * SHB 2617, CH 186 (2012)
School districts, dissolution, superintendent to convene educational service districts concerning: * SHB 1431, CH 192 (2011)
School districts, revising procedural and curricular requirements to provide flexibility: HB 1025
School innovation program, including pilot projects, establishment: HB 1447
School plant facilities, state funding assistance for, exempting space for STEM schools from eligibility determinations: SB 6038
Social emotional learning, promotion by superintendent: HB 1004
Special education, superintendent role in developing meaningful assessment for students with cognitive challenges: HB 1519, SHB 1519, * 2SHB 1519, CH 75 (2011)
State education council, establishment with staff support by office of the superintendent: HB 1849, ESHB 1849
STEM courses for aerospace careers, grants for high schools and skill centers: * EHB 2159, CH 1 (2011), SB 5975
STEM courses provided by national multidisciplinary STEM program, grants for high schools: * EHB 2159, CH 1 (2011)
STEM schools, space for, exempting from eligibility determinations for state funding assistance for school plant facilities: SB 6038
STEM teacher certification pilot program, creation by superintendent and participation by two school districts: SB 5725
Student achievement, institute for public policy and superintendent to design and implement study of remediation strategies: HB 1443, SHB 1443, E2SHB 1443, HB 2111
Suicide prevention, role of office in developing youth suicide prevention pilot projects: * 2SHB 1163, CH 185 (2011)
Superintendents, office of superintendent to develop online training package for new evaluation systems: HB 2165, SB 6318
Teachers and principals, evaluation systems and professional development systems, superintendent role: * ESSB 5895, CH 35 (2012)
Teachers and principals, evaluation systems, office of superintendent to develop online training package for new system: HB 2165, SB 6318
Traffic safety education, revising superintendent responsibilities: HB 1025
Vouchers for parents educating children outside public school system, superintendent to issue: SB 5848
Vouchers, issuance to parents educating their children outside the public school system: SB 5346