Topical Index

Adverse health events and incident reporting system, internet-based system and reporting requirements: SB 5370
Agricultural fairs, health and safety improvements, providing state capital funding: * HB 2356, CH 221 (2012), SB 6221
AIDS, personal health-related information, uniform protection: HB 1563, SHB 1563
Alcohol poisoning, persons under twenty-one, limited immunity from prosecution when seeking medical attention: HB 1166
Arthritis awareness month, recognizing: * HR 4674 (2012)
Bags, retail checkout, restrictions: HB 1877, SB 5780
Batteries, small rechargeable battery stewardship act: HB 2450, SHB 2450, SB 6148
Black powder, as used in muzzle loading firearms, transportation and storage restrictions: HB 1066
Carbon monoxide alarms, landlord and tenant obligations: HB 2554, SHB 2554, SB 6324
Carbon monoxide alarms, residential and commercial property, seller disclosure requirements: HB 2672, SB 6472, * SSB 6472, CH 132 (2012)
Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, establishing as high school graduation requirement: HB 2294
Carpet stewardship, promoting carpet recycling through stewardship organizations and product stewardship programs: SB 5110, SSB 5110, SB 6341, SSB 6341
Condemnation, municipality real property acquisition due to threat to public: HB 1036, SB 5078, SSB 5078
Conveyance work industry, protection for whistleblowers: SB 5412, * SSB 5412, CH 54 (2012)
Cosmetology, barbering, manicuring, and esthetics, department of licensing to adopt rules for online training: HB 2242
Cranes, task force on construction crane safety, creation: SB 5562
Death with dignity act, cause of death to be listed as assisted suicide: SB 5378
Defibrillators, automated external defibrillator program, establishment for each high school: SB 6562
Defibrillators, automated external, as part of new medical emergency response program for each high school: SB 6631
Diabetes action team public-private partnership and account, establishment: SB 6556, SSB 6556
Epinephrine auto-injectors, placing in schools: SB 6593
Explosives, licensing provisions for manufacturers, dealers, sellers, and storage: SB 5254
Fluoridation levels, requirements for public water systems to be established by state board of health: HB 1653, HB 1935, SB 5772
Health care information, relating to sexually transmitted disease or mental health services, disclosure provisions: HB 2316, SHB 2316
Health care personnel shortage task force, convening and duties: SB 6115, SSB 6115
Health-related information, personal, uniform protection: HB 1563, SHB 1563
HIV, orders for testing for, disclosure of results to certain requestors: * HB 1454, CH 232 (2011)
HIV, personal health-related information, uniform protection: HB 1563, SHB 1563
Immunization, exemption of child from public school requirements: HB 1015, * ESB 5005, CH 299 (2011)
Littering, increasing penalties for: HB 2260
Mercury, bulk, regulation of: HB 2507, * SB 6131, CH 119 (2012)
Mercury-containing lights, product stewardship organizations, environmental handling charges and antitrust law immunity: SB 6538, SSB 6538
Organ donation, establishing work group to increase donation: SB 5386, * SSB 5386, CH 104 (2011)
Paint, architectural, producers to establish paint stewardship program: HB 2540, SB 6145, SSB 6145
Public health system, local, work group on funding and service delivery: HB 2801, SSB 6372
Public health, property tax levies by counties for public health purposes: HB 1292
Semen donation, disclosure requirements for donors and sperm banks: HB 2409
Sewage, failing on-site sewage systems, repairing or replacing system or connecting to sewerage system: SB 5080
Sexually transmitted diseases, orders for testing for, disclosure of results to certain requestors: * HB 1454, CH 232 (2011)
Shaken baby syndrome victims and advocates, remembering victims and recognizing advocates: * SR 8657 (2011)
Sharps waste, residential, requiring manufacturers to submit plans for disposal services: HB 1496, SHB 1496, SB 5632
Solid waste management, unlawful dumping, revising application of statute: SB 5350, * SSB 5350, CH 279 (2011)
State agency enforcement actions, public health or environmental, providing settlement notice to public: SB 5051, SSB 5051
Suicide, assessment and treatment, education requirements for certain mental health professionals: HB 2220, HB 2366
Suicide, assessment and treatment, education requirements for health care providers: * ESHB 2366, CH 181 (2012)
Suicide, assessment and treatment, evidence-based, secretary of health to conduct study of effect of: * ESHB 2366, CH 181 (2012)
Suicide, Matt Adler suicide assessment, treatment, and management training act of 2012: * ESHB 2366, CH 181 (2012)
Tanning facilities, licensing and other regulations: HB 1363, SHB 1363, 2SHB 1363, SB 5593, SSB 5593
Tanning facilities, requirements, including penalties for violations: HB 2550, SB 6249, SSB 6249
Toxics control accounts, local and state, discontinuing allocations for public participation grants: SB 6036
Transportation system policy goals for state, to include improvement of health of citizens: HB 2370
Vital records, birth certificates, access to original certificates by adoptee: HB 2211, SHB 2211, 2SHB 2211, SB 5178, SB 6233
Vital records, cause of death to be listed as assisted suicide for purposes of death with dignity act: SB 5378
Vital records, death certificates, disclosure restrictions: HB 1241
Vital records, presumed death certificates, provisions: HB 1023
Vital records, still birth certificates, issuance by county registrars upon request: HB 1658
Water recreation facilities, department of health to assume responsibility from local health jurisdiction in certain cases: HB 1875
Water, public water systems, annual backflow prevention inspection and testing: HB 1242