Topical Index

Advanced registered nurse practitioners, pharmacy authority to fill prescriptions written by out-of-state ARNPs: * HB 1486, CH 8 (2012), SB 5390
Antipsychotic medications, atypical, exemption from preferred drug substitution: HB 1396, SB 5229
Antipsychotic medications, atypical, preferred drug substitution exception criteria: HB 1797
Board of pharmacy, mandatory use of administrative law judges from office of administrative hearings: HB 2230, SHB 2230
Board of pharmacy, role of board in disposal of unwanted drugs by pharmaceutical product stewardship program: HB 1370, HB 2006, SB 5234, SSB 5234
Controlled substances, definition of, changing for purposes of uniform controlled substances act: SB 5729
Controlled substances, prescription information, authorizing electronic communication of: HB 2343, SB 6212
Crimes against pharmacies, felonies, provisions: HB 1507, SHB 1507, 2SHB 1507
Opioid analgesics, substitution for opioid analgesic with tamper resistant technology, requirements and prohibitions: HB 2495, SB 6424
Payments for medical assistance, audit by department of social and health services, systematic data gathering: HB 1737, ESHB 1737
Pharmacy benefits managers, protection against unfair prescription drug practices by: HB 2303, SB 6096
Prescription drugs, donated, redistribution: HB 2228, ESHB 2228
Prescription drugs, legend drug act, including pharmacists when authorized by board of pharmacy: HB 2512, SHB 2512, SB 6197, SSB 6197
Robberies of pharmacies, classifying as robbery in the first degree: SB 6280
Robberies of pharmacies, first or second degree, revising sentencing provisions: ESSB 6280
Technicians, continuing education requirements: * HB 1353, CH 71 (2011)
Unwanted drugs, disposal by pharmaceutical product stewardship program: HB 1370, HB 2006, SB 5234, SSB 5234