Topical Index

Allergies, drug allergies, informed consent for medication administration when patient has known allergy: SB 5776
Anticancer medication, self-administered oral, requiring comparable coverage for patients receiving: * EHB 1517, CH 159 (2011)
Antineoplastic drugs, requirements for handling by health care personnel: SB 5594, * ESSB 5594, CH 39 (2011)
Antipsychotic medications, atypical, exemption from preferred drug substitution: HB 1396, SB 5229
Antipsychotic medications, atypical, preferred drug substitution exception criteria: HB 1797
Cancer drug repository program, establishment by department of health: SB 6049, SSB 6049
Cancer medication, self-administered oral anticancer medication, requiring comparable coverage for patients receiving: * EHB 1517, CH 159 (2011)
Controlled substances, definition of, changing for purposes of uniform controlled substances act: SB 5729
Controlled substances, prescription information, authorizing electronic communication of: HB 2343, SB 6212
Criminally insane, persons committed as, involuntary medication of: SB 6234
Drug manufacturers, business and occupation tax to fund basic health plan: HB 2092
Epinephrine auto-injectors, placing in schools: SB 6593
Eye glasses and hearing instruments, limited immunity for charitable organizations donating: HB 2261, * SHB 2261, CH 203 (2012)
Eyeglasses, used, immunity from liability for nonprofit corporations providing: SB 6216, SSB 6216
Generic drug manufacturers, competitive bid process as part of medicaid purchasing: HB 1397
Hazardous drugs, including antineoplastic drugs, requirements for handling by health care personnel: SB 5594, * ESSB 5594, CH 39 (2011)
Health care assistants, drug administration by, restrictions: HB 1304, * SHB 1304, CH 70 (2011), SB 5454
Marijuana, medical, cannabis dispensing and medical cannabis registry provisions: SB 5955
Marijuana, medical, cannabis production and dispensing provisions: HB 2118
Marijuana, medical, regulating through various avenues, department role: SB 6265, SSB 6265
Marijuana, medical, Washington state medical use of cannabis act provisions: HB 1100, SB 5073, SSB 5073, * E2SSB 5073, CH 181 (2011) PV
Marijuana, requesting that drug enforcement administration reclassify as schedule II drug: SJM 8017
Medical use of cannabis act, provisions: * E2SSB 5073, CH 181 (2011) PV
Medications, administration of, informed consent requirement when patient has known drug allergy: SB 5776
Mobility enhancing equipment, sold for use in motor vehicle by veteran with disabilities, sales and use tax exemption: HB 2379
Prescription drugs, donated, redistribution: HB 2228, ESHB 2228
Prescription drugs, donated, redistribution by health care facilities and participating practitioners: SB 6051
Prescription drugs, legend drug act, including pharmacists: HB 2512, SHB 2512, SB 6197, SSB 6197
Prescription drugs, monitoring program, exempting veterinarians from data submission requirements: HB 2288, SB 6105, * SSB 6105, CH 192 (2012)
Prescription drugs, monitoring program, funding with health care provider fees: HB 2142
Prescription drugs, opioid analgesic, substitution for opioid analgesic with tamper resistant technology, requirements and prohibitions: HB 2495, SB 6424
Prescription drugs, out-of-pocket expenses limit for health carriers: HB 2435, SB 6241
Prescription drugs, prohibiting creation of specialty tiers by insurers: HB 1876
Prescription drugs, through medicaid managed care, comprehensive medication management process when enrollee has five or more prescriptions: SSB 6107
Prescription drugs, through medicaid managed care, prescription review when enrollee has five or more prescriptions: SB 6107
Prescription drugs, unused, establishing program for recycling by nursing homes: SB 6048
Sharps waste, residential, requiring manufacturers to submit plans for disposal services: HB 1496, SHB 1496, SB 5632
Student medications, expanding list that school employees may administer to students: * HB 2247, CH 16 (2012), SB 6174
Unwanted drugs, disposal by pharmaceutical product stewardship program: HB 1370, HB 2006, SB 5234, SSB 5234