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               (See also MORTGAGES AND MORTGAGE BROKERS)
Business and occupation tax, deduction of interest on loans secured by mortgages or deeds of trust, narrowing deduction for banking and other financial businesses: HB 2794
Consumer loan act, certain housing loans for low-income borrowers and housing, not subject to consumer loan act: HB 1405, SHB 1405, * 2SHB 1405, CH 191 (2011), SB 5303, SSB 5303
Escrow, expanding definition: HB 1940
Escrow, expanding definition for licensing purposes: HB 2256, SB 6235, SSB 6235
Investment trust, creation of Washington investment trust, including loaning provisions: HB 1320, HB 2434, SB 5238, SB 6310
Nondepository institutions making loans, modernizing statutes concerning and streamlining enforcement authorities of: HB 2255, * SHB 2255, CH 17 (2012), SB 6173, SSB 6173
Small business loan or loan guarantee program, department of commerce to offer: HB 1165
Small loans, borrowing, reducing borrower twelve-month loan limit: HB 2151
Small loans, borrowing, removing borrower twelve-month loan limit: HB 1678, SB 5547
Small loans, borrowing, removing borrower twelve-month loan limit while imposing maximum interest rate: HB 1810
Small loans, making small loans, license and endorsement requirements: HB 1195, SB 5601
Small loans, making small loans, restrictions and enforcement: HB 1644, SB 5600
Small loans, making unlicensed loans, increasing criminal penalty: HB 1805
Small loans, maximum interest rate: HB 1918, HB 2151, SB 5602
Small loans, small loan lead generation, licensing requirements, violations, and penalties: HB 1838, SHB 1838, SSB 5600