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               (See also INSURANCE)
Air rescue or evacuation subscription services, requirements for licensing and status as provider of emergency services: HB 2188, * SHB 2188, CH 93 (2012), SB 6021, SSB 6021
Direct patient-provider primary health care, repealing requirement for study and report by commissioner on direct practices: * HB 2420, CH 207 (2012), SB 6391
Duties, records, availability of certain insurer or contractor records for inspection: SB 5120
Duties, records, availability of certain insurer records for inspection: HB 1220, * ESHB 1220, CH 312 (2011)
Health care authority ombudsman, office of the, establishment within office of insurance commissioner: HB 2147, SB 5966, * SSB 5966, CH 150 (2012)
Health care insurance, commissioner to submit waiver request to center for medicaid and medicare services: HB 1839
Health care insurance, creating multistate consortium with licensing reciprocal agreement to make out-of-state plans available, commissioner role: HB 2687, SB 6440
Investments of insurers, commissioner role in implementing investments of insurers model act: HB 1257, * SHB 1257, CH 188 (2011) PV, SB 5121
Rates, for certain products, repeal of commissioner's authority to review: * HB 1303, CH 69 (2011), SB 5398
Statutes, revising various insurance provisions: HB 1343, * SB 5213, CH 47 (2011)
Title insurance, commissioner to designate statistical reporting agent for insurers: SHB 2010