Topical Index

Administrative law judges, mandatory use by department of judges from office of administrative hearings: HB 2230, SHB 2230
Adverse health events and incident reporting system, internet-based system and reporting requirements: SB 5370
Ambulatory surgical facilities, department of health licensing requirement: HB 1575, * SHB 1575, CH 76 (2011), SB 5619
Behavioral health care, department role in facilitating integration into primary care: SB 5488
Birth certificates, original, access to certificates by adoptee: HB 2211, SHB 2211, 2SHB 2211, SB 5178, SB 6233
Cancer drug repository program, establishment by department: SB 6049, SSB 6049
Cancer, registry program, department authority to collect certain employment information: * SB 5149, CH 38 (2011)
Cannabis, eliminating penalties for possession and consumption: HB 1550, SB 5598
Cannabis, medical use of, regulating through various avenues: SB 6265, SSB 6265
Certificates of need, denial by department in certain cases: SB 5340
Certificates of need, exemption of public hospital districts from requirements: HB 1617, SB 5489
Chemical dependency, programs, transferring certification responsibilities to department: HB 1645, SHB 1645
Companion animals, assistance for low-income owners through companion animal safety, population control, and spay/neuter assistance program: SB 5151
Developmental disabilities endowment, transferring from department to department of commerce: HB 2604, * SB 6545, CH 197 (2012)
Disciplinary process for health professions, increasing transparency of disciplining authority actions: HB 1493, * SHB 1493, CH 157 (2011), SB 5775
Elder and vulnerable adult referral agency act: * ESHB 1494, CH 357 (2011)
Elder placement referral agencies, regulation: HB 1494
Enforcement actions, public health or environmental, providing settlement notice to public: SB 5051, SSB 5051
Federal health care reform, prohibiting use of state funds for planning or implementation: HB 1804
Food and beverage service workers, permits, authorizing training program providers to issue: HB 1583, SB 5577
Food purchasing, department of enterprise services and department to develop a recommended food purchasing policy for state agencies: SHB 1801
Food purchasing, department of general administration and department to adopt a model food purchasing policy for state agencies: HB 1801, SB 5653
Licensing, professional, expediting process for military spouses relocating to Washington: HB 2167, SB 5969, * ESSB 5969, CH 5 (2011)
Licensing, third-party reimbursement programs, prohibiting provider participation as a licensure condition: HB 2621, SB 6270
Marijuana, eliminating penalties for possession and consumption: HB 1550, SB 5598
Marijuana, medical, regulating through various avenues, department role: SB 6265, SSB 6265
Marijuana, medical, Washington state medical use of cannabis act provisions concerning department's role: HB 1100, SB 5073, SSB 5073
Massage business establishments, inspections of premises by department: SB 6104
Massage practitioners, licensing of, department role: * ESSB 6103, CH 137 (2012)
Medical assistants, certification by department: HB 2009, SB 6237, * ESSB 6237, CH 153 (2012)
Medical assistants, establishing career ladder for: SB 6237, * ESSB 6237, CH 153 (2012)
Military spouses, expediting professional licensing process when relocating to Washington: HB 2167, SB 5969, * ESSB 5969, CH 5 (2011)
Music therapy, certification of music therapists: HB 2522, SB 6276
On-site sewage systems, maintenance and operation inspections: HB 1637
Physicians and physician assistants, licensing and renewal, submission of current practice information as part of process: * SB 5480, CH 178 (2011)
Prescription drug recycling program, department role in establishing program for nursing homes: SB 6048
Prescription monitoring program, funding, department authority to charge provider fees: HB 2142
Primary care health home model, using to restrain health care costs: HB 1739, SB 5394, * SSB 5394, CH 316 (2011)
Professional and business licensing, surcharges, funding state work-study program through: SB 6447
Radioactive waste, low-level radioactive waste site use permit program, transfer to department: * HB 2304, CH 19 (2012), SB 6491
Reclaimed water program, transfer to department of ecology: HB 1850, SB 5669, SSB 5669, E2SSB 5669
Reflexologists, certification of, department role: * ESSB 6103, CH 137 (2012)
Reflexologists, registration of, department role: SB 6103
Sharps waste, residential, department role in requiring manufacturers to submit plans for disposal services: HB 1496, SHB 1496, SB 5632
Shellfish, sanitation, including disposition of seized shellfish: HB 1453, * SHB 1453, CH 194 (2011), SB 5369, SSB 5369
Site use permit program, transfer from department of ecology to department of health: HB 1850, SB 5669, SSB 5669, E2SSB 5669
Social worker, definition and degree requirements, approval of educational program by department: HB 1043, SB 5020
Suicide assessment and treatment, evidence-based, secretary of health to conduct study of effect of: * ESHB 2366, CH 181 (2012)
Tanning facilities, licensing and other regulations: HB 1363, SHB 1363, 2SHB 1363, SB 5593, SSB 5593
Tanning facilities, requirements, department role: HB 2550, SB 6249, SSB 6249
Vulnerable adult and elder referral agencies, regulation: * ESHB 1494, CH 357 (2011)
Water recreation facilities, department to assume responsibility from local health jurisdiction in certain cases: HB 1875
Wolves, diseases, department role in preparations to handle epidemiological consequences: HB 1107