Topical Index

Abolishing of board and transfer of powers, duties, and functions to department of education: HB 1973, SB 5639, SSB 5639
Assessments, mathematics and science, establishing and achieving high school growth targets: SB 5479
Assessments, statewide, legislature to be advised concerning performance standards: HB 2115, * ESHB 2115, CH 6 (2011)
Career pathways act, board role: HB 2170, SHB 2170, 2SHB 2170, SB 6119
Duties of board, modifying: SB 6247
Financial literacy, establishment as a high school graduation requirement, board role: HB 2268
Graduation requirements, revising to emphasize core knowledge and skills: HB 2411
Hour and day requirement waivers, board to grant waivers to districts to implement compensation reductions: SB 5829
Innovation schools and innovation zones, board role in creation and comprehensive provisions: HB 1546, SHB 1546, * E2SHB 1546, CH 260 (2011), SB 5792
Mandates, unfunded, board rules not fully funded by legislature to be voluntary, conditions: HB 2543, SB 6320
Membership, changing to increase representation of public education: HB 2493, SB 6319
Rule making changes, board to provide fiscal impact statements: HB 2492, * SHB 2492, CH 210 (2012)
School districts, financial insolvency and dissolution, board to recommend legal framework and process: HB 1431
School year, one hundred eighty-day, waivers from: HB 2215, HB 2479, SB 6020, SB 6050