Topical Index

Administrative functions, consolidation with other natural resources agencies, requirements: E2SSB 5669
Agricultural lands of long-term commercial significance, department to review and consider current environmental checklist: * SB 6082, CH 247 (2012)
Agricultural resource lands, department to aid preservation by expanding environmental checklist: HB 2245
Air emission standards, output-based, department to consider use: SB 5118
Air pollution offset account, use of funds by department: SB 6539, SSB 6539
Anaerobic digesters, granting extended sulfur emissions compliance period to certain electric generating projects powered by biogas from: * 2SSB 5343, CH 238 (2012)
Anaerobic digesters, new source construction notice requirement exemption: SB 5343, SSB 5343
Anaerobic digesters, permitting process under clean air act: HB 1070, SB 5571
Antifouling paint review panel, establishment by department: HB 1785, SHB 1785
Appeals and notifications, shoreline management act, department timelines: HB 1696, SHB 1696, SB 5192, * SSB 5192, CH 277 (2011)
Applications for water rights, administrative provisions: HB 2121
Batteries, small rechargeable battery stewardship act, department role: HB 2450, SHB 2450, SB 6148
Boatyard storm water treatment facilities, department role in ensuring compliance with shoreline management act: * EHB 2469, CH 169 (2012)
Bottles, petroleum-based beverage bottles, department warnings to manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers in violation: SB 5781
Brownfield properties, cleanup and reuse, providing state resources and oversight authority for local governments: SB 6211, SSB 6211, E2SSB 6211
Carpet stewardship, department administrative and rule-making role in promotion of carpet recycling: SB 5110, SSB 5110, SB 6341, SSB 6341
Children's products, conducting alternatives assessments: HB 1319, HB 2266, SB 5231, SSB 5231, SB 6120, SSB 6120, SB 6630
Cities and counties, regulatory requirements for, modifying certain requirements to provide fiscal relief: HB 1478, * ESHB 1478, CH 353 (2011), SB 5360, SSB 5360, 2SSB 5360
Clean air act, civil penalties under, providing limitations for imposing: HB 1437
Coal tar asphalt sealant, department issuance of corrective action notices: HB 1721, * ESHB 1721, CH 268 (2011)
Coal-fired power generation facilities, department role in decommissioning: HB 1825, SB 5769, SSB 5769, * E2SSB 5769, CH 180 (2011)
Columbia river basin management program, water service contracts for water supply development cost recovery: HB 1803, SHB 1803, * 2SHB 1803, CH 83 (2011), ESB 5647
Columbia river basin water supply, voluntary regional agreements, amending RCW 90.90.030: HB 2212, * SHB 2212, CH 161 (2012)
Columbia River gorge commission, merging into department: HB 1850, SB 5669, SSB 5669, E2SSB 5669
Conservation corps, administration by department and creation of Puget Sound corps: HB 1294, * SHB 1294, CH 20 (2011), SB 5230, ESSB 5230
Electronic products, recycling plans for, establishing manufacturers' responsibilities through market share determinations: HB 1866, SB 5824, SSB 5824, SB 6336, SSB 6336
Enforcement actions, environmental or public health, providing settlement notice to public: SB 5051, SSB 5051
Environmental policy, council on, transferring certain department duties to: SB 6406
Fees, annual water rights protection fee, department role: HB 2050
Fine particle pollution, strategies to reduce, department to convene stakeholder work group concerning: SSB 5432
Greenhouse gas emissions reduction programs, director to report to governor and legislature on impacts: HB 1948
Greenhouse gas emissions reporting requirements, harmonizing with federal requirements, department role: SB 5999
Habitat conservation plans, with federal government, department authority to enter into: HB 1009, ESHB 1009
Hydronic heaters, comprehensive regulatory revision: HB 1766
Interbasin transfers of water rights, department to confer with county commissioners: SB 5555
Interbasin transfers of water rights, department to provide notice to county commissioners: * ESSB 5555, CH 112 (2011)
Livestock nutrient management, provisions concerning investigations and corrective actions, department role: SB 5723
Livestock operations, department role in process for achieving water quality objectives, violations and penalties: SSB 5723
Motor vehicle fuel economy programs, director to report to governor and legislature on impacts: HB 1948
Natural environment programs, streamlining administration: HB 1885, ESHB 1885
Natural resources management, department to undertake interagency collaboration and office and facility colocation: SB 6078, ESSB 6078
Natural resources management, streamlining through agency independence: HB 1162
Oil spill programs, establishment of oil transfer fee for funding: HB 1403
Oil spill programs, establishment of risk-based oil spill prevention and response service transfer fee for funding: SHB 1403
Oil spill response, contingency plans, role of department: HB 1186, SHB 1186, * E2SHB 1186, CH 122 (2011)
Oil spill statutes, enhancement, including department role: SB 5439
Oil spills and state spill program, department to report on actions taken to implement legislation: SB 6015
Oil spills, compensation for damage: SB 5439
Oil spills, liability for damage: SSB 5439
Paint stewardship program, establishment, department role: HB 2540, SB 6145, SSB 6145
Paint, copper-containing antifouling paint, establishing statewide advisory committee: * SSB 5436, CH 248 (2011)
Paint, copper-containing antifouling paint, phasing out use on recreational vessels: HB 1785, SHB 1785, SB 5436, * SSB 5436, CH 248 (2011)
Permits, general, industrial storm water, permittees with discharges impaired for bacteria: * HB 2651, CH 110 (2012), SB 6393
Permits, general, revising construction and industrial storm water general permit provisions: HB 1806
Permits, shoreline, commencing work outside shoreland area prior to final action on appeal: HB 2162, SHB 2162
Permits, shoreline, commencing work outside shoreland area prior to issuance of permit: 2SHB 1662
Permitting, department to improve process through various strategies: SSB 5266
Permitting, establishment of work group for multiagency permitting strategy and tiered permitting system: SB 5266
Permitting, establishment of work group to monitor and provide guidance to department: SSB 5266
Pollution liability insurance program and agency, transferring to department: HB 1850, SB 5669, SSB 5669, E2SSB 5669
Port districts and port authorities, delegation of environmental permitting authority by department: HB 2030
Products, children's products, prohibiting sale of TCEP-containing products: 2SSB 6120
Products, children's products, prohibiting sale of TRIS-containing products and conducting alternatives assessments: HB 2266, SB 6120, SSB 6120, SB 6630
Radioactive waste, low-level radioactive waste site use permit program, transfer to department of health: * HB 2304, CH 19 (2012), SB 6491
Reclaimed water program, transfer from department of health to department of ecology: HB 1850, SB 5669, SSB 5669, E2SSB 5669
Science, peer-reviewed studies, use by certain agencies prior to taking action: SHB 1307, HB 2335, ESHB 2335
Shellfish, production, mitigating water pollution, department role: SB 6279
Shellfish, production, reviewing certain information on marine water quality and shellfish, department role: SSB 6279
Shoreline management act, appeal and permit procedures: HB 1662, SHB 1662, HB 2162, SHB 2162, SB 5530
Shoreline management act, department timelines for appeals and notifications: HB 1696, SHB 1696, SB 5192, * SSB 5192, CH 277 (2011)
Shoreline management act, department to report on actions under act and related matters: SB 6016
Shoreline master programs, local, clarifying certain appeal procedures by ensuring consistency with administrative procedure act: HB 2487, * EHB 2671, CH 172 (2012), SB 6188, SSB 6188
Site use permit program, transfer from department of ecology to department of health: HB 1850, SB 5669, SSB 5669, E2SSB 5669
Solid fuel burning devices, assessing additional fee for each retail sale: HB 2166, SB 6077
Solid fuel burning devices, hydronic heaters, comprehensive regulatory revision: HB 1766
Solid fuel burning devices, limitations on burning wood for heat: SB 5432, SSB 5432
Solid fuel burning devices, program for replacing, including funding through air pollution offset fee: SB 6539, SSB 6539
State environmental policy act, department to create advisory committee: SHB 2253, E2SHB 2253
State environmental policy act, modernizing categorical exemption and other provisions, department role in: HB 2253, SHB 2253, E2SHB 2253, SB 6130, SSB 6130, * 2ESSB 6406, CH 1 (2012) PV
Stock water working group, department to convene: SB 6200
Storm water pollutants, toxic, imposing fee on first possession, exceptions: HB 1735, SB 5604
Storm water, department to conduct survey of uncovered potential industrial storm water general permit permittees: HB 1806
Storm water, department to provide comprehensive risk based storm water regulatory plan: HB 1806
Storm water, discharging to marine waters, department to report on regulation and management actions: SB 6014
Storm water, general permits, department to reissue certain municipal storm water general permit: HB 2390
Storm water, new requirements, delaying to provide fiscal relief to cities and counties: HB 2338, SB 6207
Storm water, rates and charges for facilities, provisions: HB 2733, SHB 2733
Trust water rights program, department protection of its water rights: HB 2121
Trust water rights program, department review of applications for transfer of water right from program: HB 1589
Violations, water pollution control regulations, providing compliance assistance before issuing penalties: HB 1082, SHB 1082
Violations, water pollution control regulations, providing voluntary compliance assistance before issuing notice for lands with livestock: HB 1152
Wastewater treatment facilities, publicly owned industrial, department authority to provide funding: SB 6027, SSB 6027
Water banks, limited purpose local, creation in certain cases: SSB 6311
Water resources, administration of state's program, various provisions: HB 2121
Water resources, limitations on withdrawing various waters from additional appropriations: SB 5750
Water resources, management of, department role in comprehensive provisions: HB 1610, SB 5536, SSB 5536, SB 5962
Water resources, mitigation alternatives for human domestic needs in rural areas, department role: SB 6311, SSB 6311
Water right transfers, reducing role of department: SB 5909
Water rights, permit applications, fee provisions: HB 2121
Water rights, permitting and appeals, temporary reforms: SB 6152, SSB 6152, 2SSB 6152
Water rights, processing of permits and applications, funding and administration modifications: SB 5934, SB 5962
Water, new supplies and storage for Western Washington, department to study feasibility with British Columbia: SB 6163, SSB 6163
Wells, additional construction fee to fund groundwater management activities: SB 5757
Wetlands and aquatic habitat, compensatory mitigation of, pairing with existing environmental programs: HB 2238, SHB 2238, * E2SHB 2238, CH 62 (2012), SB 6093, SSB 6093