Topical Index

Aliens, unlawful, various contracting and employment provisions: SB 6436
Alternative subcontractor selection process, bidder protesting of qualified finalist bidders selection: HB 1971
Apprentice utilization on public works, contractor submission of payroll records concerning: SB 6416
Child support, improving collections through contractor compensation reporting: HB 2702
Contracts with public entities, concurrent federal and state court jurisdiction over various actions: HB 1834, SB 5663
Cranes, task force on construction crane safety, creation: SB 5562
Developers, statutory provisions governing developer control of homeowners' association: ESB 5377
Farm labor contractor licensing program, creation of farm labor account: HB 1057, SB 5069
Farm labor contractor licensing program, creation of farm labor contractor account: * SHB 1057, CH 158 (2012), SSB 5069
Government contractors, excluding from definition of employer for purposes of state retirement systems: * EHB 2771, CH 236 (2012), SB 6584
Highway construction, design-build procedures, adjusting provision concerning awarding of contracts: SB 5250, SSB 5250, E2SSB 5250
Home construction, human domestic water access in rural areas, requirements: SB 6312, ESSB 6312
Impact fees, moratorium on issuance: HB 1240
Independent contractors, misclassification of workers as, violations and penalties: HB 1701, 2ESHB 1701, SB 5599
Infractions, appeals of, streamlining process: HB 1055, * ESHB 1055, CH 15 (2011), SB 5066, SSB 5066
Mechanics and materialmen, claims of lien, notice requirements: HB 1475
Mechanics and materialmen, claims of lien, signing requirements: HB 1708, ESHB 1708
Notices from department of labor and industries, changing mailing requirements: HB 1056, HB 1677, SB 5067, * SSB 5067, CH 301 (2011)
Plumbing contractors, provisions: SB 6476, SSB 6476
Prevailing wages, public works, basing on industrial statistician's previous written determination: SB 6480, SSB 6480
Prevailing wages, public works, contractor records requests by department of labor and industries: HB 1058, SHB 1058, SB 5070, * SSB 5070, CH 92 (2011)
Prevailing wages, public works, defining: SB 6419
Prevailing wages, public works, definitions of contractor and subcontractor: HB 2669
Prevailing wages, public works, exempting certain manufacturing or furnishing workers from requirements: SB 6420
Prevailing wages, public works, exempting certain workers from requirements: SB 6422
Prevailing wages, public works, filing of prevailing wage forms: SB 5746, SSB 5746
Prevailing wages, public works, requirements for affidavits of wages paid: SB 6421, * SSB 6421, CH 129 (2012)
Prevailing wages, public works, successor entities and liability: ESHB 2669
Public works, in-state contractor preference, department of general administration to apply preference after surveying other states: HB 2042, * 2SSB 5662, CH 345 (2011)
Public works, microbusinesses and minibusinesses, definitions and relevant small works roster contracting procedures: SHB 1173
Public works, microbusinesses, definition and relevant small works roster contracting procedures: HB 1173
Public works, resident contractor preference, state and municipalities to apply: HB 1809, SB 5662, SSB 5662
Public works, resident employment preference, contractor requirements: SB 6573
Subcontractors, supplying of subcontractor information to department of revenue by local governments issuing building permits: HB 2154
Violations, electrical or telecommunications installations, assessment of one penalty for a single violation: SB 5720