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               (See also TRAFFIC OFFENSES)
Alcohol poisoning, persons under twenty-one, limited immunity from prosecution when seeking medical attention: HB 1166
Chemical dependency treatment, funding, spirits distributor licensees to pay license issuance fee: SB 6578
Chemical dependency treatment, use of certain county sales and use taxes: HB 2357, * SHB 2357, CH 180 (2012), SB 5559
Chemical dependency, helping persons with, improving collaboration between providers, service delivery, law enforcement, and criminal justice agencies: SB 5452, * SSB 5452, CH 305 (2011)
Chemical dependency, professionals, suicide assessment and treatment education requirements: HB 2220, HB 2366, * ESHB 2366, CH 181 (2012)
Chemical dependency, programs, assessment services to use validated assessment tool: HB 1880
Chemical dependency, programs, funding from local option sales tax to support: SB 5722, * SSB 5722, CH 347 (2011)
Chemical dependency, programs, provision of both assessment and treatment within certain health facilities: HB 1072
Chemical dependency, programs, transferring certification responsibilities to department of health: HB 1645, SHB 1645
Intoxication, voluntary, prohibiting use as defense against criminal charge: HB 1744
Overdoses, deaths from, emergency service and hospital personnel reporting requirements: SB 5671, SSB 5671
Sobriety checkpoints, authorizing administrative sobriety checkpoint programs: HB 1912
Substance abuse issues, persons with, provisions concerning supportive living program intermediate tenancies: HB 1894
Therapeutic courts, use of certain county sales and use taxes: HB 2357, * SHB 2357, CH 180 (2012)
Vehicular homicide under the influence, convicted offender to pay child support to victim's minor children: HB 2405