Topical Index

Air emission standards, output-based, use: SB 5118
Air pollution offset fee, payment by motor vehicle owners in certain cases: SB 6539, SSB 6539
Anaerobic digesters, granting extended sulfur emissions compliance period to certain electric generating projects powered by biogas from: * 2SSB 5343, CH 238 (2012)
Anaerobic digesters, new source construction notice requirement exemption: SB 5343, SSB 5343
Anaerobic digesters, permitting process under clean air act: HB 1070, SB 5571
Biomass combustion, requesting that the EPA include emissions in calculating greenhouse gas emissions: HJM 4002
Carbon dioxide mitigation, thermal energy recovery, transmission, and distribution: SB 5509, SSB 5509, SB 6012
Clean air act, civil penalties under, providing limitations for imposing: HB 1437
Greenhouse gas emissions, climate change accountability act: HB 1187
Greenhouse gas emissions, exempting institutions of higher education from certain reporting requirements: HB 2259
Greenhouse gas emissions, reduction, climate change expenditure accountability: HB 1187
Greenhouse gas emissions, reduction, including decommissioning of coal-fired electric generation facilities: SB 5769, SSB 5769, * E2SSB 5769, CH 180 (2011)
Greenhouse gas emissions, reduction, legislative authorization of programs after impact assessment: HB 1948
Greenhouse gas emissions, reduction, use of output-based air emission standards: SB 5118
Greenhouse gas emissions, reporting requirements, harmonizing with federal requirements: SB 5999
Greenhouse gas emissions, requesting that the EPA include biomass combustion emissions when making calculations: HJM 4002
Pollution liability insurance program and agency, extending expiration of agency's authority and funding source: HB 2590, * SHB 2590, CH 3 (2012), SB 6335
Pollution liability insurance program and agency, transferring to department of ecology: HB 1850, SB 5669, SSB 5669, E2SSB 5669
Solid fuel burning devices, assessing additional fee for each retail sale: HB 2166, SB 6077
Solid fuel burning devices, high emitting, revising standards and enforcement provisions: HB 2326, * SHB 2326, CH 219 (2012), SB 6102
Solid fuel burning devices, hydronic heaters, comprehensive regulatory revision: HB 1766
Solid fuel burning devices, limitations on burning wood for heat: SB 5432, SSB 5432
Solid fuel burning devices, program for replacing, including funding through air pollution offset fee: SB 6539, SSB 6539