Topical Index

Administrative functions, consolidation with other natural resources agencies: E2SSB 5669
Animal inspections, department investigation of violations: HB 1538, * SHB 1538, CH 204 (2011) PV, SB 5235, SSB 5235
Chickens, commercial egg laying operations, certification: SB 5487, * SSB 5487, CH 306 (2011)
Chickens, commercial egg laying operations, department to adopt rules for certification program: HB 1813
Commodity commissions, beer commission, defining producers more broadly: * SB 5492, CH 54 (2011)
Commodity commissions, Puget Sound commercial salmon commission, creation and duties: HB 1642
Conservation commission, transfer of powers, duties, and functions to department: HB 1850, SB 5669
Cottage food operations, comprehensive provisions, including permitting: * ESSB 5748, CH 281 (2011)
Cottage food operations, registered, exemption from certain licensing and evaluation provisions: SB 5748
Diseases, traceability of animal diseases, identification device fees to fund services and program support: * SHB 1538, CH 204 (2011) PV, SB 5759
Diseases, traceability of animal diseases, provisions including fees and account: * SHB 1538, CH 204 (2011) PV
Enforcement actions, public health or environmental, providing settlement notice to public: SB 5051, SSB 5051
General fund, department's reliance on, reducing: HB 2086
Genetically engineered material, food containing, department role in labeling of: HB 2637, SB 6298
Gifts and contributions, acceptance and expenditure by department: HB 1212, SB 5072, * SSB 5072, CH 245 (2011)
Identification devices and methods, payment of fee to department when supplied: * SHB 1538, CH 204 (2011) PV, SB 5759
Licenses, various, modifying provisions to reduce department's reliance on general fund: HB 2086
Livestock care standards board, creation and authorization to adopt minimal livestock and poultry care standards: HB 2674
Livestock inspections, fees and fee exemptions: SB 6484
Livestock nutrient management, provisions concerning investigations and corrective actions, department role: SB 5723
Livestock operations, department role in process for achieving water quality objectives, violations and penalties: SSB 5723
Marijuana, medical, Washington state medical use of cannabis act provisions concerning department's role: HB 1100, SB 5073, SSB 5073
Meat inspection program, establishment: HB 1200, SHB 1200, 2SHB 1200
Natural environment programs, streamlining administration: HB 1885, ESHB 1885
Natural resources management, department to undertake interagency collaboration and office and facility colocation: SB 6078, ESSB 6078
Natural resources management, streamlining through agency independence: HB 1162
Revised code of Washington, statutes affecting department, technical nonsubstantive changes: SB 5374, * SSB 5374, CH 103 (2011)
Science, peer-reviewed studies, use by certain agencies prior to taking action: SHB 1307
Seeds, distribution, increasing seed dealer license fees: * SB 5981, CH 61 (2012)
Statutory provisions, matters regulated by department, revisions: SB 5631, * SSB 5631, CH 25 (2012)