Topical Index

Constitutional authority, federal or state, requiring citation with all bills, acts, ordinances, resolutions, and rules: HB 1951
Regulatory civil penalties, providing limitations for imposing: HB 1436
Rule making, board of education to provide fiscal impact statements: HB 2492, * SHB 2492, CH 210 (2012)
Rule making, board of education, rules not fully funded by legislature to be voluntary, conditions: HB 2543, SB 6320
Rule making, emergency, using to implement fiscal reductions: * EHB 1248, CH 2 (2011)
Rule making, licensed family child care, rule-making prohibition if costs will increase for providers: HB 2755
Rule making, moratorium and exceptions: HB 1156, HB 2276
Rule making, orders of adoption, governor's signature required for agency's with heads appointed by governor: HB 2466
Rule making, restricting agency adoption to rules derived from specific grant of legislative authority: HB 1151, HB 2276
Rule making, restricting timing of rules adoption and requiring governor's signature: HB 1341
Rule making, significant legislative rules, report by office of regulatory assistance: * HB 1178, CH 149 (2011), SB 5318, SSB 5318
Rule making, significant legislative rules, requirement that governor sign: HB 1068, SB 6464
Rule making, state agency and local government rule making to consider economic impact: * SB 5500, CH 249 (2011)
Rule making, state agency rule making to consider economic impact: HB 1671
Shoreline master programs, local, clarifying certain appeal procedures by ensuring consistency with administrative procedure act: HB 2487, * EHB 2671, CH 172 (2012), SB 6188, SSB 6188
Small businesses, violations, extending time period for correction without penalty: * HB 1150, CH 18 (2011)