Topical Index

               (See also ECOLOGY, DEPARTMENT)
Car washes, providing better water quality during charitable car washes: HB 2643, SHB 2643
Car washes, providing better water quality during charitable car washes and prescribing a penalty for violations: HB 3128
Cleanup of water pollution, funding through a hazardous substance excise tax increase: HB 3181, SHB 3181, 2SHB 3181, SB 6851, SSB 6851
Copper, limiting the use of copper and other substances as brake friction material in motor vehicle brake pads: HB 3018, SB 6557, * SSB 6557, CH 147 (2010)
Dairy nutrient management program, civil penalties for failure to comply with recordkeeping requirements for: SB 6634, * SSB 6634, CH 84 (2010)
Dairy nutrient management program, compliance with: SB 5677
Dairy nutrient management program, violations: * SSB 5677, CH 143 (2009)
Lake Whatcom, demonstration project to reduce phosphorus loading in: * SB 5944, CH 48 (2009)
National pollutant discharge elimination system municipal separate storm sewer systems permit program, certain cities exempted: HB 2053, HB 2839
Oil spill contingency plans, requirements for: HB 2964, SB 6677
Oil spill response tax and oil spill administration tax, adjustments to: HB 2965
Petroleum products in storm water, mitigation and prevention projects: HB 1614, ESHB 1614, SB 5518
Pollution liability insurance agency, transfer to department of ecology: EHB 3023, SB 6659
Reclaimed water use, permitting requirements and violations and penalties: HB 1482, SHB 1482, SB 5504, * SSB 5504, CH 456 (2009)
Storm water technical resource center and advisory committee, department of ecology to create in partnership with a university or other entity: * ESHB 2222, CH 449 (2009)
Storm water, construction and industrial storm water general permits: HB 2222
Water discharge fees, changes: HB 1413, * SHB 1413, CH 249 (2009), SB 5430, SSB 5430, SB 6257
Water pollution account, fee imposed on first possession of petroleum products contributing to storm water pollution: HB 1614, ESHB 1614, SB 5518
Water pollution control facilities, funding from water pollution control revolving fund: HB 2116, ESHB 2116
Water pollution control revolving fund, use of moneys in fund by department of ecology: HB 2116, ESHB 2116, HB 3136, SHB 3136
Water quality standards, amendment by department of ecology to authorize compliance schedules for discharge permits in certain cases: HB 2243, SB 6036, * SSB 6036, CH 457 (2009)