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Absentee ballots, counting: HB 1623, SB 5631
Advertising, identification of sponsor: HB 1787
Annexation ordinances subject to referendum, provisions: HB 2074
Annexation, requiring certain annexation ordinances be subject to referendum: HB 2674
Ballot envelopes, requirements: * HB 1880, CH 125 (2010) PV, ESB 6430
Ballot titles to include more information and tax consequences of ballot measures: HB 3089
Ballot titles to include tax consequences of ballot measures: SB 6099
Ballots, commencing tabulation and maintaining secrecy of results: HB 2495
Ballots, identifying marks on: SB 6100
Ballots, modifying design provisions: HB 2496, * ESHB 2496, CH 32 (2010)
Ballots, prepaid postage requirement for primary and general election voting by mail: HB 2112
Ballots, titles to indicate property tax levy's financial impact: HB 1057, HB 2702, SB 5098, SB 6689
Bond issuance to create jobs by funding construction of safety, health, and energy efficiency improvements to public facilities, submission to people as referendum: HB 2334, SHB 2334
Candy sales and use tax, submission to voters for approval: SB 6189
Constitutional provisions regarding: SJR 8202
Filing fees for initiatives and referenda: HB 2615, SB 6665, SSB 6665
Identifying marks on ballots, provisions: SB 6100
Initiative 1029, delaying implementation: HB 2373, HB 2376, SHB 2376
Initiative 960, modifying provisions of taxpayer protection act of 2007: * ESSB 6130, CH 4 (2010)
Initiative measures, process for agency review of: SB 6184
Jobs act, submission of bond issuance provisions to the people: * EHB 2561, CH 35 (2010), SB 6547
Legislators, "normal and regular conduct" applied to discussion of ballot propositions by: HB 2322
Manual recounts, counting original ballots only: HB 1917
Petitions, exempting from release names, signatures, and/or addresses of any individual who signs an initiative or referendum petition: HB 2714
Right to anonymous political speech act: HB 2714
Sales tax, revenues from temporary increase to be deposited in health care trust account and used for working families' tax rebate if increase approved by voters: HB 2377, SHB 2377
Signature gatherers for petitions, provisions concerning: SB 6449, ESSB 6449
Signature gathering, provisions: HB 2613, HB 2614, SHB 2614, 2SHB 2614
Signature gathering, required distance from certain stores in commercial retail complexes: HB 2397, SHB 2397
Signature petitions, exemption from public disclosure: HB 2612
Signature petitions, names and addresses of persons signing petitions to become public records: HB 2418, ESB 6754
Signature petitions, revocation of a signature by a person who signs a petition: HB 2579
Signature petitions, signature acceptance and signature forgery provisions: SB 6752
Special elections, dates they may be held modified: HB 1018, * ESHB 1018, CH 413 (2009), SB 5016
Sponsors of a ballot proposition, filing a statement of financial affairs: HB 2570
Tax consequences, ballot titles to include for ballot measures: SB 6099
Two-thirds vote requirement for raising state taxes, submission to voters to reaffirm initiatives 601 and 960: SB 6821
Voting, adopting all mail voting: HB 1572, SHB 1572, 2SHB 1572