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Bisphenol A in products, prohibition: 2SHB 1180, SB 6248, * SSB 6248, CH 140 (2010)
Bisphenol A in products, prohibition and alternatives: HB 1180, SHB 1180, SB 5282
Bisphenol A in products, prohibitions, violations, and penalties: SSB 5282
Hazardous substances information to be provided by hazardous substance information and education office: SB 5756
Hazardous substances, additional excise tax on possession of: HB 3181, SHB 3181, 2SHB 3181, SB 6851, SSB 6851
Hazardous substances, disclosure requirements prior to placement upon, ingestion by, or injection into another person: SB 5756
Local toxics control account, priority consideration for loans and grants to be given to local governments: SB 5181