Topical Index

               (See also PUBLIC DISCLOSURE)
Advertising, archiving of political mailings: SB 5096
Advertising, identification of sponsor: HB 1787
Candidate filing, provisions modified: HB 1363, SHB 1363, SB 5271, * SSB 5271, CH 106 (2009)
Candidates for public office, false statements about constituting libel or defamation: HB 1286, * SHB 1286, CH 222 (2009), SB 5211
Citizens public campaign act: SB 6177
Citizens public campaign fund: SB 6177
City councils, contribution limits for city council campaigns: SB 6344, * SSB 6344, CH 206 (2010)
Commissioner of public lands, contributions to candidates for: HB 1289
Contribution and disclosure laws, revisions: HB 2016, SHB 2016, * 2SHB 2016, CH 204 (2010) PV
Contribution limits for candidates for county office in a noncharter county: SB 6285
Contributions prior to legislative sessions, restrictions expanded: HB 2530
Contributions prior to legislative sessions, restrictions removed: SB 5990
County offices, contribution limits for campaigns: * SSB 6344, CH 206 (2010)
Elected officials, prohibition of public service announcements by officials during reelection campaigns: HB 2994, SHB 2994
Election provisions, technical corrections: HB 1364, SB 5327, * SSB 5327, CH 107 (2009)
Freedom of speech, corporations not to be considered as persons for purposes of electioneering communications and campaign contributions: SJM 8027
Funding and disclosure laws, reorganization and technical clarification: HB 1029, SB 5029
Mailing, restrictions for local officials before and after election: HB 2851, SHB 2851
Mayors, contribution limits for mayoral campaigns: * SSB 6344, CH 206 (2010)
Office holders during campaigns, permissible use of public resources: SB 5991, SSB 5991
Party preference on primary ballots, clarifying candidates' choices: HB 1731
Public disclosure commission, electronic filing of reports and statements to: HB 2878
Recall petitions, signature gathering provisions: HB 2613
State contracts, disclosure of political contributions by persons awarded sole source state contracts: HB 2700
State officials, time limitations on soliciting or accepting of campaign-related contributions: HB 1472
Supreme court campaigns, public funding provisions: HB 1738, SHB 1738, SB 5912, SSB 5912, E2SSB 5912
Tenants, landlord regulation of access to tenants by candidates, their agents, or ballot measure advocates: HB 2469