Topical Index

               (See also ECOLOGY, DEPARTMENT)
Agricultural burning, fees for certain types of: HB 2980, SB 6556, * SSB 6556, CH 70 (2010)
Air operating permits, offset credits for sawmills using biomass fuel to generate electricity: SB 5182
Air operating permits, SEPA exemptions: HB 1253, HB 1584
Carbon dioxide emissions, disclosure to electric customers of emissions associated with their electricity consumption: HB 1994, SHB 1994
Climate change accountability act, provisions: HB 2772
Climate leadership, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption by state government: SB 5560, SSB 5560, * E2SSB 5560, CH 519 (2009) PV
Control authorities, board of directors: * HB 1578, CH 254 (2009), SB 5374
Control facilities, sales tax deferral: SB 5766
Greenhouse gas emissions performance standard, compliance provisions: HB 1854, SHB 1854, SB 6090, SSB 6090
Greenhouse gas emissions reduction, land use and transportation requirements: HB 1490, SHB 1490, SB 5687, SSB 5687, 2SSB 5687
Greenhouse gas emissions reduction, legislative authorization to be required for any greenhouse gas program: HB 2708, SB 6477
Greenhouse gas emissions reduction, overseeing climate change expenditures through climate change accountability act: HB 2772
Greenhouse gas emissions, department of ecology adoption of rules requiring the reporting of: HB 2545, SHB 2545, SB 6373, * SSB 6373, CH 146 (2010)
Greenhouse gas emissions, efforts to reduce to be funded by auctioning of emissions allowances as part of a cap and trade program: HB 1819, SB 5735
Greenhouse gas emissions, eliminating duplication in federal and state greenhouse gas reporting requirements: HB 2653
Greenhouse gas emissions, multisector emissions reduction program including emissions caps and offset credits: E2SSB 5735
Greenhouse gas emissions, reducing through regional or federal cap-and-trade program: SHB 1819, 2SHB 1819
Greenhouse gas emissions, voluntary statewide annual emissions targets and reduction registry and voluntary offset credits: SSB 5735
Greenhouse gases, comprehensive plan for reducing: HB 1718
Miles traveled by vehicles, eliminating restrictions on: HB 2755
Outdoor burning provisions of Washington clean air act, clarifications: * SB 5767, CH 118 (2009)
Outdoor burning, limitations within urban growth areas: HB 1265, HB 1987, SB 5835
Outdoor wood-fired boilers, emission performance standards: SB 5022, SB 6439
Passenger vehicles purchased to reduce air pollution, conditions for sales and use tax incentives: HB 2059
Pollution control hearings board, agency name to be changed to environmental and land use hearings office: HB 2935, * SHB 2935, CH 210 (2010), SB 6422, SSB 6422
Pollution control hearings board, timelines for filing appeals with: HB 2935, * SHB 2935, CH 210 (2010), SB 6422, SSB 6422
Pollution liability insurance agency, transfer to department of ecology: EHB 3023, SB 6659
Solid fuel burning devices, restrictions: HB 1691, SHB 1691, SB 5565, * SSB 5565, CH 282 (2009)
State funding for local projects, greenhouse gas emissions criteria: HB 2010, SHB 2010