Topical Index

Advertising, mailed advertising must be filed with secretary of state to be archived: SB 5329
Agency facilities, use of: HB 2447
Books of account, requests to close candidate, campaign, or political committee: HB 3040
Candidates, city and county incumbents prohibited from appearing on publicly funded television during election: HB 2904, SHB 2904
Candidates, filing when two or more candidates have same or similar names: SB 5562
Candidates, general revisions: HB 1534, SHB 1534, SB 5604
Contributions, agency shop fees: * HB 2079, CH 438 (2007), SB 5921
Contributions, citizens public campaign fund and voluntary limits on contributions: HB 1360, SB 5510
Contributions, limits: HB 1362, HB 1714, HB 2851
Contributions, time limit for state officials to solicit or accept: HB 1018, SHB 1018
Finance reform, citizens public campaign fund and voluntary limits on contributions: HB 1360, SB 5510
Finance reform, contribution limits: HB 1362
Finance report, time frame for preelection report: * HB 2448, CH 73 (2008), SB 6186
Funding and disclosure laws recodified: HB 1734, SHB 1734, 2SHB 1734
Judicial elections reform act: HB 1186, SHB 1186
Judicial independence act: HB 1589, SB 5226, SSB 5226
Limited liability companies, regulations: EHB 1189
Local, use of public funds to finance campaigns for local office: EHB 1551, SHB 1551, SB 5278, SSB 5278, * E2SSB 5278, CH 29 (2008)
Persons authorized to make expenditures on behalf of candidate or committee, disclosure requirements: * ESB 6128, CH 358 (2007)
Political, use of public resources: HB 3042
Primaries, costs associated with partisan primaries: SB 5096
Public records for political campaigns, exemptions: HB 1951
Public resources for political campaigns, violations: HB 3042