Topical Index

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Antiswarming act, engaging in practice of swarming a motor vehicle, prohibiting: SB 5456
BEST manufacturing act, Washington, building economic strength through manufacturing: HB 1170, SHB 1170
Bring back our $30 car tabs act, limiting state and local vehicle fees: SB 5028
Bruce Speight protect children from being exposed to lead in school drinking water act: HB 1139, SHB 1139
Business corporation act, revisions: SB 5005
Buy clean and buy fair Washington act, building materials production environmental/social outcomes: HB 1103, SB 5366
Child custody jurisdiction and enforcement act, uniform, international application of: HB 1042
Civil rights act, Washington state, repealing short title and preferential treatment prohibition: HB 1288
Climate commitment act, Washington, comprehensive program capping greenhouse gas emissions: SB 5126
Combatting violence, disorder, and looting and law enforcement protection act: SB 5310
Consumer protection improvement act, protecting vulnerable populations from unfair practices: SB 5025, SSB 5025
Credit union act, Washington, revising: HB 1165
Death with dignity act, expanding access via qualified medical and counseling provider options: HB 1141, ESHB 1141
Electronic recordation of custodial interrogations act, uniform: HB 1174, HB 1223
Electronic wills act, uniform: SB 5132
Equitable access to credit act, Washington, for underserved communities: HB 1015, SHB 1015
Evelyn's law, diagnostic services/genetic testing for children with seizures, neurological symptoms, etc.: HB 1346
Fair campaign practices act, prohibiting sanctions enjoining person from election participation: SB 5109
Fair repair act, digital electronic products manufacturers right-to-repair requirements: HB 1212
Fair start for kids act, stabilizing child care industry and expanding early childhood programs access: HB 1213, SHB 1213, SB 5237, SSB 5237
Family care act, supporting significant relationships in lives of behavioral health system clients: SB 5412, SSB 5412
Fiduciary income and principal act, uniform: SB 5132
Foreclosure fairness act, assistance provisions of, temporary expansion of applicability: HB 1108, ESHB 1108
Free and fair elections act of 2021: SB 5143
Health emergency labor standards act: SB 5115, ESSB 5115
Healthy homes and clean buildings act, reducing greenhouse gas emissions via decarbonization: HB 1084, SHB 1084, SB 5093
Heather "Newsbrooke" Brooke, Ph.D. act, creating revised Washington state open public meetings act via: HB 1329
Help out Washington state government act, voluntary contributions to expenditures: HB 1238
Interstate nurse licensure compact of 2021, multistate licensing: SB 5247
Invest in Washington act, extending expiration of: SB 5244
Keeping families together act, rights of families responding to child abuse/neglect allegations: HB 1227, SHB 1227
Land use petition act, transfer of land use decision judicial review to court of appeals: SB 5225
Lane sharing for safety act, allowing motorcycles to operate between lanes or pass in same lane: HB 1106
Little toasters act, for student confidence, public speaking, and leadership skills: HB 1270
Living donor act, insurance coverage protections for organ donors: SB 5003, SSB 5003
Nonprofit corporation act, Washington, repealing existing and replacing with new: SB 5034, SSB 5034
Our colleges our future act of 2021, expanding equity and access in community and technical colleges: HB 1318, SB 5194, SSB 5194
Parental notification of abortion act: SB 5053
Peace officer accountability act, cause of action for injury, against officers unlawfully exercising powers: HB 1202, SHB 1202
Peer-to-peer vehicle sharing program act: HB 1389
People's privacy act, rights and opt-in consent before entity use of individual's personal information: HB 1433
Pesticide application act, Washington, increasing pesticide registration and licensing fees: SB 5317, SSB 5317
Pesticide control act, Washington, increasing pesticide registration and licensing fees: SB 5317, SSB 5317
Powers of appointment act, uniform: SB 5132
Pretrial release and detention act, uniform: SB 5307
Principal and income act, Washington, repealing and replacing: SB 5132
Professional license review act, DOL review of licenses for professions for termination/continuation/modification: HB 1403
Psychology interjurisdictional compact act, interstate telepsychology: HB 1286
Public broadband act, telecommunications for end users via public entity authority for providing services/facilities: HB 1336, ESHB 1336
REAL recovery for Washington act of 2021, appropriations to revive economy and accelerate lasting recovery: HB 1334
Safe leave act for Washington railroad workers: SB 5065, SSB 5065
Serious homelessness engagement leads to effective results (SHELTER) act: SB 5107
Small wireless facilities deployment act, provider access to rights-of-way and attachment to infrastructure: HB 1440
Solitary confinement restriction act, restrictions on/allowed uses of solitary confinement in correctional facilities: HB 1312, SB 5413
Sound money act, Washington state, concerning precious metal or monetized bullion: HB 1417
State elections confidence using rigorous examination (SECURE) act: SB 5382
Survivors justice act, reducing harsh sentences for offenses committed by domestic violence survivors: HB 1293
Sustainable transformative recovery opportunities for the next generation act, Washington, carbon pollution tax: HB 1513
Sustainable transformative recovery opportunities for the next generation act, Washington, imposing carbon pollution tax: SB 5373
Uniform child custody jurisdiction and enforcement act, international application of: HB 1042
Uniform electronic recordation of custodial interrogations act: HB 1174, HB 1223
Uniform electronic wills act: SB 5132
Uniform fiduciary income and principal act: SB 5132
Uniform powers of appointment act: SB 5132
Uniform pretrial release and detention act: SB 5307
Uniform public expression protection act: SB 5009, SSB 5009
Uniform real property electronic recording act, repealing as title and revising chapter: SB 5019
Voter confidence act, measures to increase voter confidence and determine number of cases of improper voting: SB 5434
Voting rights act, cost recovery under, political subdivision reimbursement to provide, when: HB 1156, SHB 1156
Washington BEST manufacturing act, building economic strength through manufacturing: HB 1170, SHB 1170
Washington climate commitment act, comprehensive program capping greenhouse gas emissions: SB 5126
Washington consumer affordability and reliability in energy supply act: HB 1130
Washington equitable access to credit act, for underserved communities: HB 1015, SHB 1015
Washington innovates new personal protective equipment act ("WIN PPE"): HB 1489
Washington privacy act, personal data privacy: SB 5062, SSB 5062
Washington state sound money act, concerning precious metal or monetized bullion: HB 1417
Washington sustainable transformative recovery opportunities for the next generation act, carbon pollution tax: HB 1513
Washington sustainable transformative recovery opportunities for the next generation act, imposing carbon pollution tax: SB 5373
Washington wage recovery act, wage liens: HB 1369, SB 5355
Welcome to Washington act, litter control along state highways: SB 5040
Wildfire response, forest restoration, and community resilience act: HB 1168
Worker protection act, whistleblower qui tam actions on behalf of state: HB 1076, SHB 1076
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Care or assistance, nonmedical, at emergency/disaster scene, immunity for rendering: HB 1209, SHB 1209
Electric utility cost-effective conservation acquisition targets, when events beyond control prevent meeting of: HB 1446, SHB 1446
Insurance rates/underwriting rules/etc., exceptions when credit information impacted by extraordinary life events: HB 1351, SB 5409
Long-term care facilities, comprehensive disaster preparedness plans of: HB 1218, SHB 1218
Resiliency, statewide disaster resiliency program, developing and administering: SHB 1147
Agricultural/grazing purposes, land leases for, nondefault or early termination, lessee compensation by DNR: EHB 1199
Burning, flammable materials/refuse/waste forest materials on DNR-protected lands, permit requirement, violations of: HB 1423, SHB 1423
Commissioner of public lands, duties of: SB 5224
Easements/rights-of-way, on state lands, for materials transport, when federal government claims right to grant: HB 1491
Enforcement actions, burden of proof on department: SB 5081
Forest health and resiliency and fuels mitigation treatments, of federal lands, commissioner role: HB 1168
Forest health treatments and wildfire prevention/response, developing workforce for, DNR role: HB 1168
Hard minerals, seabed mining of, permits or leases issued by DNR for, prohibiting: SB 5145
Justice, environmental, environmental health disparities, department actions to reduce: SSB 5141
Justice, environmental, environmental health inequities, department actions to reduce: SB 5141
Northern spotted owl, programmatic safe harbor agreements for, for forestland owner, DNR role: SB 5411, SSB 5411
Public land survey system, boundary and reference marks and monuments, DNR duties in relation to: SB 5224
State lands, leasing by DNR of, increasing maximum lease length for certain purposes: HB 1430
State lands, sales by DNR of, public auction provision, modifying: HB 1405
Surveyor, state, appointment by commissioner: SB 5224
Surveys and maps, advisory board, membership requirements for: SB 5224
Surveys and maps, DNR as official agency for, duties of: SB 5224
Timber and land sales, sale notices and location, and applicability of requirements: SB 5201
Trails, DNR-managed, electric-assisted bicycle use on, when: HB 1524
Urban and community forestry program, revising previous program name to be: HB 1216, SHB 1216
Urban and community forestry program, urban tree canopy needs identification role of: SHB 1114
Urban forestry, program, needs, assistance, plans, ordinances, and DNR role: HB 1216, SHB 1216
Utility wildland fire prevention advisory committee, membership, revising, DNR role: ESB 5158
Utility wildland fire prevention advisory committee, recommendations of, implementing, DNR role: ESB 5158
Media literacy and digital citizenship, supporting through district leadership teams, grant program: SB 5242
Newspaper business, family-owned interests in a, estate tax deduction for: HB 1465
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Charitable organizations, enhanced raffles, grand prize value and reporting: HB 1469, SB 5379, SB 5410
Charitable organizations, enhanced raffles, procedures and requirements for conducting: SB 5379
Charitable organizations, student scholarship organizations for private schools/tutoring services scholarships: SB 5200
COVID-19, grants from organizations to address, tax exemptions for: HB 1002
Creative economy, state, work group to create strategic plan for, establishing, nonprofit role: SB 5238
Enhanced raffles, conducted by organizations, grand prize value: HB 1469, SB 5410
Enhanced raffles, conducted by organizations, grand prize value and ticket purchase orders/sales/proceeds: SB 5379
Gun clubs, nonprofit, clay target sales and use tax exemptions for: SB 5187
Health and social welfare organizations, providing behavioral health treatment, B&O tax deduction for: HB 1296
Health-related measures, restricting facility/activity access due to declining to comply with, prohibiting: HB 1305, HB 1317
Home sharing support grant program, creating for financial support for certain organizations: HB 1183
Manufactured/mobile home community, preservation by organization of: HB 1100, SHB 1100