Topical Index

Facial recognition services, agency use of, requirements, delaying effective date: SB 5116, SSB 5116
Facial recognition services, state and local agency use of, prohibitions: SB 5104
Facial recognition system, department of licensing, exemption from prohibitions: SB 5104
Facial recognition technology, government use, prohibitions: SB 5104
Facial recognition technology, joint legislative task force on, establishing: SB 5104
Identicards, enhanced, fees for, deposits of: HB 1036, HB 1091, SHB 1091, 2SHB 1091, SB 5231
Identicards, issuance period of, extending, and increasing fees in keeping with: HB 1207, SB 5270
Identicards, issuing or renewing, voter registration/updating at time of, affirmation of prompts using signature pad: SB 5434
Identicards, online renewal of, expanding: HB 1207, SB 5270
Identicards, regular or enhanced, applications for original or renewal, additional fee and use of fee: SB 5226
Identicards, renewing, application submission by mail or electronic commerce: SB 5113
Sexually violent offenders, in special commitment center, state ID card for: SB 5163, SSB 5163
Social security numbers, used by L&I and ESD as personal identifiers, replacing, when: HB 1455
               (See also DISCRIMINATION; MINORITIES)
Enforcement, cooperation with federal government, requiring: SB 5346
Enforcement, immigration detainers, duties related to: SB 5346
Health equity zones, identifying and creating: SB 5052, SSB 5052
Indigent persons, not legally in U.S., civil legal aid funds for representing: HB 1072
Medicaid, federal, when ineligible due to immigration status, state-only coverage and health/dental plans: HB 1191
Medical school graduates, international, limited license for, when: HB 1129, SHB 1129
Money transmitters, small, serving immigrants, impact of de-risking on, requesting that congress act to reduce: SJM 8004
Rural development, correcting land use patterns perpetuating disadvantages faced by immigrants and other peoples: HB 1233, SHB 1233
Sanctuary policies, prohibiting: SB 5346
Workers, unemployment benefits for undocumented workers account, creating: SB 5438
Workers, unemployment benefits when excluded from regular benefits for citizenship/immigration status reasons: SB 5438
Workers, Washington income replacement for immigrant workers program, creating: SB 5438
Early learning facilities, development of, impact fees imposed on, restrictions on and optional exemption from: HB 1331, SHB 1331
               (See also SENTENCES AND SENTENCING)
Long sentences, for offenses committed before age of 25, release from confinement, when, board role: HB 1344
Attorney general actions/programs/projects that will affect tribes, notice to/consent from tribes concerning: SB 5298
Attorney general, annual meeting with tribes to be hosted by: SB 5298
Billy Frank Jr. national statuary hall collection fund, creating: HB 1372, SHB 1372, SB 5419
Billy Frank Jr. national statuary hall selection committee, establishing: HB 1372, SHB 1372, SB 5419
Billy Frank Jr., statue of, replacing Marcus Whitman statue in U.S. capitol's national statuary hall with: HB 1372, SHB 1372, SB 5419
Climate commitment, state's, implementation of, tribal role: SB 5126
Comprehensive planning, county/regional, Indian tribe participation/coordination agreements and consultations: SHB 1241, HB 1458
Comprehensive planning, port container elements, Indian tribe collaboration: SHB 1241, HB 1458
COVID-19 impacts, grants from tribes to address, tax exemptions for: HB 1002, HB 1095, * SHB 1095, CH 4 (2021)
Education, tribal leaders congress on, school district collaboration, when: SB 5252
Emergency management council, tribal members, adding: SB 5101
Environmental justice, decisions affecting tribes' rights/interests, tribal consultation: SSB 5141
Environmental justice, significant agency actions and potential environmental impacts, tribal consultation: SB 5141
Fish habitat enhancement, projects for, tribally sponsored fish habitat enhancement or restoration projects: HB 1478
Health equity zones, including urban Indian communities in identifying and creating: SSB 5052
Health programs, foundational public health services funding for, when: HB 1152, SHB 1152, SB 5173
Health, local boards of, member expertise and lived experience, diversity requirements: HB 1110
Long-term services and supports trust program, election of coverage by tribe: HB 1323, SHB 1323
Menstrual hygiene products, in gender-neutral and female-student tribal school bathrooms, providing: HB 1273, ESHB 1273, SB 5070
Native American names/symbols/images, use by public schools as mascots/logos/team names, prohibiting: HB 1356, SHB 1356, SB 5450
Native education, office of, WSSDA partnering with, for certain data gathering: SB 5252
Police officers, tribal, various provisions: HB 1082, SB 5051, SSB 5051
Salmon protection, lethal removal by tribes of pinnipeds in Puget Sound for, requesting congress act to allow: SJM 8003
Salmon, fisheries dispute resolution, Puget Sound salmon commercial fisheries advisory board, establishing for: SB 5421
Salmon/steelhead/trout management, fishing rights/management agreements, repealing ch. 77.110 to affirm: HB 1172, SB 5199
School districts and tribes, boards and tribal councils, regional meetings: SB 5252
School districts and tribes, data sharing agreements between, model for: SB 5252
School districts, tribal consultation training and schedule collaboration with: SB 5252
Schools, history/culture/government of nearest tribe, in social studies: SB 5161
Suicide, suicide-safer homes task force, subcommittees to include tribal member: HB 1181, SHB 1181
Tribal schools, college in the high school programs, provisions governing: HB 1302, SHB 1302
Tribal schools, enrollment stabilization allocations for, when: HB 1476
Tribal schools, K-12 safety and security services and staff, requirements and training: HB 1214, SHB 1214
Tribal schools, lead in drinking water, sampling/testing at outlets for, opting into: HB 1139, SHB 1139
Tribal schools, learning devices/computers/peripheral devices in, plan and programs for: HB 1365, HB 1450
Tribal schools, resumption of in-person instruction, as required learning option, when: SB 5464
Tribal schools, student transportation services during remote instruction: 2SSB 5128
Urban and community forestry program, role of tribes: HB 1216, SHB 1216
Vapor products, taxes on, Indian retailer exemption from, when: HB 1345, SB 5266
               (See also WORKERS' COMPENSATION)
Industrial insurance, final claim resolution settlement agreements, board role: SB 5046
Medical examinations, ordered by board, provisions: SB 5102, SSB 5102
Campaigns, foreign national actions contributing to, when for or against ballot measure or initiative: HB 1475
Citizens' initiative review oversight committee, establishing: SB 5250
Citizens' initiative review panels and review process, pilot program: SB 5250
Elections, when initiative on ballot, seeking sanctions enjoining person's participation in, prohibition, when: SB 5109
Fiscal impact statements, for measures increasing/decreasing state tax revenues, deadline for filing of: SHB 1357
Petitions, format, page and font sizes and presentation of new text and text to be deleted: SB 5393
Voters' pamphlets, state/local, statements for and against measures before voters: HB 1453
Adjusters, emergency, nonresident independent adjusters as: HB 1037, SHB 1037
Automobiles, physical damage coverage, basic contract of automobile insurance: HB 1428
Benefit managers, pharmacy, community pharmacies in retail network of: SB 5075
Benefit managers, pharmacy, filling prescription through mail order: SB 5076
Business interruption insurance, denial of claims for, extending period for challenging: SB 5351
Captive insurers, eligible, affiliated with public higher education institution, premium tax exemption: SSB 5315
Captive insurers, eligible, registration/authority/taxation/premium tax: SB 5315, SSB 5315
Captive insurers, exempting from B&O taxation, when: SB 5315, SSB 5315
Child support debt inquiries and enforcement compliance by companies, when: HB 1416, SHB 1416
Child support withholding orders and liens, compliance by companies with: HB 1416, SHB 1416
Claims, insurance claims data collection organizations, company use for child support enforcement compliance: SHB 1416
Flood insurance program, national, local administering of regulation requirements for, requirements/fees for: HB 1268, HB 1478
Group insurance, contracts for, performance standards: HB 1052, SHB 1052
Health benefit exchange, non-standardized bronze/silver/gold health plans, offering: SB 5377
Health benefit exchange, non-standardized bronze/silver/gold/platinum/catastrophic health plans, offering: SSB 5377, 2SSB 5377
Health benefit exchange, offering certain bronze and gold standardized plans, analysis of: SSB 5377, 2SSB 5377
Health benefit exchange, premium assistance program and cost-sharing reduction program, establishing: SB 5377, SSB 5377, 2SSB 5377
Health benefit exchange, qualified health plans offered on, health carrier requirements: SB 5377, SSB 5377, 2SSB 5377
Health benefit exchange, state-only programs for apple health and qualified health and dental plans: HB 1191
Health care, abortion coverage, student health plans, when: HB 1009
Health care, advanced registered nurse practitioners, reimbursing at same rate as physicians: SB 5222
Health care, carriers, covered lives assessment, foundational public health services use of: HB 1201, SB 5149, SSB 5149
Health care, children with seizures/neurological symptoms/etc., genetic testing coverage for: HB 1346
Health care, community pharmacy in retail pharmacy network, requirements: SB 5075
Health care, contracts between health carrier and hospital/affiliate or provider, prohibitions: HB 1160, SHB 1160
Health care, coverage for gender-affirming treatment, requirements and unfair practices by carriers: SB 5313, SSB 5313, 2SSB 5313
Health care, coverage via universal financing system, universal health care commission for creating, establishing: SB 5399, SSB 5399
Health care, drug mail order services, unintentional use/enrollment: SB 5076
Health care, group insurance contracts, performance standards for: HB 1052, SHB 1052
Health care, hearing instruments coverage for persons 18 or younger: HB 1047
Health care, imprisoned juvenile offender nearing final release from custody: SB 5118, ESSB 5118
Health care, licensed peer specialist/peer specialist trainees, recommendations for health carriers regarding: HB 1349
Health care, living organ donors, insurer discrimination against, prohibitions: SB 5003, SSB 5003
Health care, medigap/medicare supplement premiums, property tax exemption program deduction of: SB 5305
Health care, payment for behavioral health mobile crisis/triage facility/crisis stabilization services: HB 1182, HB 1477, SB 5209
Health care, prosthetics and orthotics minimum coverage, reimbursement rate, and other requirements: HB 1427
Health care, provider personal protective equipment use during emergency, reimbursement by carrier for: SB 5169, SSB 5169
Health care, services delivered via audio-only telemedicine: HB 1196, ESHB 1196, SB 5325
Health care, state health insurance pool, non-medicare plans, removing expiration: HB 1096
Health care, substance use disorder treatment planned admission, prior authorization by health plan/MCO, when: HB 1464
Health care, telemedicine services, carrier reimbursement at in-person total compensation amount: HB 1462
Health care, third-party administrators, registration and covered lives assessment: HB 1201, SB 5149, SSB 5149
Health care, whole Washington health trust, creating: SB 5204
Health care, wraparound services for persons under 21 years of age: HB 1461
Legal service contractors and plans, exclusion from insurers/insurance and inapplicability to certain arrangements: HB 1545
Life insurance, reinsurance agreements: SB 5048
Long-term care insurance, reinsurance agreements: SB 5048
Long-term services and supports trust program, modifications: HB 1323, SHB 1323
Long-term services and supports trust program, self-employed persons electing coverage: HB 1323, SHB 1323
Motor vehicles, automobile physical damage, coverage and repair requirements: HB 1428
Motor vehicles, basic contract of automobile insurance, definition and provisions: HB 1428
Organ donors, living, insurer discrimination against, prohibitions: SB 5003, SSB 5003
Personal insurance, credit history use for, prohibitions: SB 5010, SSB 5010
Rates/underwriting rules/etc., exceptions when credit information impacted by extraordinary life events: HB 1351, SB 5409
Reinsurance agreements, requirements: SB 5048
               (See also INSURANCE)
Peer specialists/peer specialist trainees, licensed, recommendations for health carriers regarding, OIC role: HB 1349
Telemedicine, audio-only, trends/reimbursement/impact of, studying, OIC role: ESHB 1196
               (See also BONDS)
Carbon pollution tax and ten-year climate finance program, board role: HB 1513, SB 5373