SB 6030 Simplifying the process for donating low-value surplus property owned by a city-owned utility.

Chamber: SENATE  
Bill No.: SB 6030 Docs
Item No.: 13
Transcript No: 33
Date: 2-9-2018

  Yeas: 45  Nays: 1  Absent: 0  Excused: 3
Voting yea: Senators Angel, Bailey, Becker, Billig, Braun, Brown, Carlyle, Chase, Cleveland, Conway, Darneille, Dhingra, Ericksen, Fain, Fortunato, Frockt, Hawkins, Honeyford, Hunt, Keiser, King, Kuderer, Liias, McCoy, Miloscia, Mullet, Nelson, O'Ban, Padden, Palumbo, Pedersen, Ranker, Rivers, Rolfes, SaldaƱa, Schoesler, Sheldon, Short, Takko, Van De Wege, Wagoner, Warnick, Wellman, Wilson, and Zeiger
Voting nay: Senator Hasegawa
Excused: Senators Baumgartner, Hobbs, and Walsh